Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Intelligence Chief: Taliban Making Gains in Afghanistan

Someone might want to ask to Mr.Foreign Policy, John McCain, about his plans for Afghanistan. Obviously the surge didn't benefit that country. The likely Republican nominee is fond of ridiculing Obama on his "naive" views on foreign policy. Well then, tell us how you can fight a two front war with the limited number of troops that we have fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan:

A resurgent Taliban is back in charge over parts of Afghanistan, the nation's chief intelligence official said Wednesday in an assessment that differed from the one made last month by Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

More than six years after the United States invaded Afghanistan, the Taliban has regained control of about 10 percent of the country, Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Just a few weeks ago, Gates touted NATO military success in Afghanistan in 2007 and said the Taliban controlled no land.

"The Taliban occupy no territory in Afghanistan on a continuing basis," Gates said during a Pentagon briefing in January.

Despite his less-optimistic assessment on that score, McConnell said the Taliban has suffered "significant degradation" in its leadership and is unable to successfully face off against U.S. and NATO forces.

He attributed an uptick in violence to the Taliban resorting to the terrorist tactics used by al Qaeda in Iraq -- suicide attacks and roadside bombings.