Saturday, September 4, 2010

Children among hundreds raped in Congo, U.N. says

Children among hundreds raped in Congo, U.N. says -

Mom of dead, 15 lb child force-fed her sleeping pills: source

Once again the system failed. The weakest in society should be the first to be protected. That isn't the case in America. This so-called parent should have been watched much earlier which should have lead to the removal of this child from the killer-mom's custody. Now it's too late.

Children should examined regularly to detect malnutrition and other forms of abuse before a child dies or is seriously abused.

Why We Need The Assault Weapons Ban

Guns are everywhere in America. They're even found by police when not even looking for them:

A Sutter County man arrested Friday "had the most firepower I've seen in a single location," a veteran law enforcement official said.

The "appropriately named" Roger Eugene Gunn, 41, had 21 guns, many of them illegal assault weapons, when officers went to his home in the 1700 block of Edwards Lane to check on a marijuana garden, said Mike Hudson, commander of the Yuba-Sutter Narcotic and Gang Enforcement team.
And where are they obtained from. From gun dealers, of course. Even when those gun dealers are not supposed to be selling them. And assault weapons are finding their way to murderous drug gangs in Mexico:
Federal agents Thursday arrested a Salida man suspected of illegally selling guns, including assault weapons, at his east Modesto gun shop to undercover agents and others posing as Mexican citizens without identification.

Robert John Ronning, 42, was arrested on suspicion of illegal gun sales, including the unlawful transfers of unregistered gun silencers and a machine gun, according to a news release from the U.S. attorney's office in Sacramento.

"Selling guns to unknown individuals, especially those without identification, is a dangerous business," U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner said in the news release. "Guns trafficked back to Mexico help fuel the cartels and perpetuate the violence over the border."
They are also finding their way into the hands of street gangs in the U.S.:
Two students were arrested Monday armed with assault weapons at the Oakland campus of Laney College on the first day of classes, Oakland police said.

Investigators said the two men with known gang ties had just come out of a class they attended when police moved in for the arrest.
And what are these weapons used for? To shoot at the police:
Two men have been charged with attempted murder of a police officer after they allegedly shot and wounded two Chicago police officers during a search on the South Side, officials said.
You would think the current President would be supportive of maintaining the ban on weapons that have devastated his hometown of Chicago. But he doesn't:
Not only will the White House not make good on candidate Obama's promise to revive the ban or Holder's announced decision to do so, it won't even talk about the assault weapons ban. Not a word. The reason is obvious: Obama and his aides don't want to spark a backlash from the NRA and voters who cling to their guns—especially as Democrats ride toward a difficult mid-term election.

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