Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rule Lets Investors Elbow In On Boards

Rule Lets Investors Elbow In On Boards -

Flash Market Crash Is Still Under Investigation

Flash Market Crash Is Still Under Investigation -

Video: Afghan School Builder is American Hero

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Illegal immigrants working at House of Commons

Illegal immigration not just a problem in the U.S.

Karzai Defends Contractor Phaseout

Contractors being kicked out of Afghanistan as in Iraq

White House Finds Hope in Reagan Analogy

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Beck Addresses Uproar Over 'Restoring Honor' Rally

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Evangelist Leads 'Disinformation campaign' on Obama: Religion Professor

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Graham Supports Afghan Drawdown by Next Summer

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All-time record heat wave is official!

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The temperature soared to 90° between 12:30 and 1pm in Jacksonville Saturday afternoon making it the 45th straight day of 90+, an all-time record.

Vet in Hawaii slayings had PTSD signs

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Iranian trade with Western powers soars

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Video: New credit card restrictions take effect

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Beer linked to psoriasis in women

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Murkowski makes the case for Senate seniority

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- She got her job from daddy. Now she wants to remain in power for decades more. And Murkowski is arrogant about it. She figures the voters can't touch her. And she's probably right. Incumbents in Washington get reelected at a 80 to 95% rate. They have nothing to fear, with very few exceptions, from the American people. Or do they? Congress is running America into the ground. So it's up to you to do something about it.

Corporate CEOs Dance the Economic Catch-22 Boogie

Article source: Crooks and Liars

Economics 101: Healthy economies include low unemployment rates. Low unemployment rates mean consumers are consuming/buying goods. Consumers buying goods stimulates the economy, creates growth.

...Makes sense, right? Well, yes, until you read this Washington Post article where they interview corporate CEOs about why it might be that they're sitting on piles of cash and not hiring. Then it just gets really, really weird.

Sweden Withdraws Arrest Warrant for WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

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This one definitely doesn't pass the smell test. How flimsy did the charges against Julian Assange have to be for them to be withdrawn in 24 hours?

10 Leading Retailers Shuttering Stores Because Of The Downturn

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Video of Mob Beating 2 Brothers to Death as Police Watch Sparks Outrage in Pakistan

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The Pakistani men took turns savagely beating the two teenage brothers with sticks, drawing blood before dragging and hanging their dead bodies from a nearby metal pole. None of the dozens of people watching tried to stop the attack, not even several police. The boys may have been mistaken for robbers.

Women despair over men's toilet habits

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Iowa Farms in Egg Recall Have Close Ties

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Two Iowa farms that together recalled more than half a billion potentially tainted eggs in connection with a nationwide salmonella outbreak share close ties, including suppliers of chickens and feed.

Both farms are linked to businessman Austin "Jack" DeCoster, who has been cited for numerous health, safety and employment violations over the last 20 years.

Russian Police Detain Opposition Leader

Russian Police Detain Opposition Leader - CBS News

McCain reelection coming at heavy cost

McCain reelection coming at heavy cost - David Catanese -