Saturday, October 3, 2009

Army Chief says Defeat in Afghanistan Unthinkable

This guy sounds like Bush or a neocon. The fact is that the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars are recruiting tools for the Jihadists. In addition, our involvement in Afghanistan is de-stabilizing Pakistan.

The new head of the army warned of the "terrifying prospect" of defeat for international forces in Afghanistan and supported calls for more troops, in a newspaper interview Sunday.

General David Richards told the Sunday Telegraph the risks to the West would be "enormous" if NATO failed to stabilise the violence-torn country.

He said defeat for the international coalition would have an "intoxicating effect" on Islamic militants everywhere.

"If Al-Qaeda and the Taliban believe they have defeated us -- what next? Would they stop at Afghanistan?" he said.

"Pakistan is clearly a tempting target not least because of the fact that it is a nuclear-weaponed state, and that is a terrifying prospect.

"Even if only a few of those weapons fell into their hands, believe me they would use them.

"The recent airlines plot has reminded us that there are people out there who would happily blow all of us up."
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Global Warming is Advancing Quicker

From Greenpeace:

  • "A new report, released last week by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) forecasts that the planet will warm by 6.3 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century. This new revelation is much faster than forecast just two years ago."
  • "Human activity is damaging the earth’s climate. Already in the United States, farmers are struggling with worsening droughts and crop failures. Firefighters are battling historic blazes in the West. Our country’s best scientists warn us that we're approaching a tipping point, and that unless we act immediately, the crisis will only get worse and future generations will inherit a planet dramatically different from the one we grew up in."

Conservative Conference Attendees Cheer U.S. Not getting 2016 Chicago Olympics

This scum hate Obama so much that they cheer America's defeat. Thanks to Think Progress for this post:

McCain Top Adviser: Palin "Castastrophic" Pick in 2012

And he would know:

Calling Sarah Palin a potentially "catastrophic" choice for the 2012 GOP presidential nominee, John McCain's former chief campaign strategist Steve Schmidt said today the Republican party needs to look more toward the center.

"I think she has talents, but my honest view is that she would not be a winning candidate for the Republican party in 2012," he said. "Were she to be the nominee, we could have a catastrophic election result."

Palin, the former Alaska governor and Sen. John McCain's vice presidential running mate in the 2008 election, has fueled speculation that she could vie for the Republican nomination in the next presidential election with the upcoming release of her new book, "Going Rogue." When asked today at The First Draft of History conference in Washington, D.C. how he would be portrayed in Palin's book, Schmidt replied, "I think it may say I was anti-rogue in the running of the campaign."
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Rush Limbaugh: Olympics Committee ‘Bitch-Slapped’ the Obamas

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Afghan Policeman fires on US Troops, Killing 2

When the people that are supposed to be on your side start shooting at you, it's time to get out:

An Afghan official says a policeman conducting a joint operation with U.S. soldiers opened fire on the Americans, killing two of them.

The U.S. military said two American troops were killed in a firefight in Wardak on Friday, but provided no other details.

A third U.S. service member died Friday of wounds from a bomb attack in Wardak the day before.

Shahidullah Shahid, spokesman for the Wardak provincial governor, said Saturday the policeman fired on the Americans, killing two and injuring two before escaping. He did not give a reason for the shooting.
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