Monday, June 16, 2008

Hillary Clinton Defeat Fuels Divorce Rumors

The Clintons have had a political arrangement for many years. In exchange for Hillary looking the other way while Bill engaged adultery, Hillary developed a political career in the State and White House--with the President's help. Now that Bill no longer serves a purpose the Clinton marriage is pointless. The charade will finally be over:

Hillary Clinton is licking her wounds, relaxing at an undisclosed location with her husband, Bill, and daughter, Chelsea, doubtless pondering the causes of her failure to win the Democratic presidential nomination.

Yet as the New York senator considers her future in American public life, there are new claims that she is also considering the future of her marriage. The First Post, an irreverent online news magazine, last week alleged that some of those around Mrs Clinton believe that her failure to beat Barack Obama has weakened the cement in her marriage.

The argument goes like this: Mrs Clinton stood by her man despite his serial philandering in exchange for his support for her own political ambitions. Now that the 42nd president is himself partly blamed for her losing the nomination with his often-incendiary public comments, their relationship will go the same way as her candidacy.

Not only did Bill Clinton not help Hillary during her presidential run but he was a major reason for her defeat. If Hillary runs in 2012 she would be better off without Bill:
The First Post quoted a source close to Mrs Clinton's staff saying: "Why on earth would she stay with him now? It's over. The feeling is that she can do better in the Senate without him, and better if she wants to take another shot at the White House in 2012."

[...]A devastating portrait of Mr Clinton in this month's edition of Vanity Fair, for instance, claims that Mrs Clinton's staff have grown concerned that, since leaving the White House, Mr Clinton has continued to enjoy the company of women other than his wife, as well as the friendship of billionaire Ron Burkle – whose private jet is dubbed "Air F*** One". Mr Clinton dismissed the author, Todd Purdum, as a "scumbag", while the actress Gina Gershon threatened to sue the magazine for implying that she had an improper relationship with the former president.