Friday, November 30, 2012

GOP Consultant Accuses Karl Rove Of Lying About Claim He Made No Money At Super PAC


Former George W. Bush political advisor and head of the pro-Republican Super PAC American Crossroads, Karl Rove, has claimed in the past that he drew virtually no salary in his position as chief fundraiser for the candidates his group supported. Rick Tyler, Republican consultant and political adviser to former Missouri Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin – a vocal opponent of former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney during the Republican primaries – does not believe it. In an appearance on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews on Friday, Tyler charged that Rove made a significant amount of money for his work with Crossroads and has not disclosed his financial gains.

Video: Angry Staten Islanders Lash Out at a Townhall Meeting

The government's response to the devastation in Staten Island after Hurricane Sandy is not good enough. And that is why the people of Staten Island lashed at a townhall meeting. This video really shows the terrible frustration of our fellow citizens. The lesson here: We can't trust the government (i.e., the Democrats and Republicans) to help us when we are in need:

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How The Big Oil Lobby Secretly Funded 2012 Election Attack Ads

How The Big Oil Lobby Secretly Funded 2012 Election Attack Ads | ThinkProgress

When Big Oil’s lobby, the American Petroleum Institute, ramped up its election-year spending, API President Jack Gerard said “This is not about political party.”

But in addition to its misleading multi-million dollar public campaign, API also funneled at least half a million dollars through groups that ran attack ads against Democratic candidates.

That’s according to disclosures reported by Lee Fang at The Nation, which show that API used membership dues to finance several dark money groups...

Parents Concerned About Potential Mold At Queens School Despite DOE Denial

Parents Concerned About Potential Mold At Queens School Despite DOE Denial -
- Can't trust the government. Mold is big problem in schools.

Warehouse worker lawsuit targets Walmart

Warehouse worker lawsuit targets Walmart | The Center for Public Integrity

Record Low U.S. Birth Rate Parallels Japan

Record Low U.S. Birth Rate Parallels Japan

- People are to busy and tired to have kids. Also, individuals are putting off marriage until later in life. Not good for family life.

Russian parliament to consider federal anti-gay law

Russian parliament to consider federal anti-gay law | World news |

Former lawmakers exit Congress, head to K Street

The revolving door in Washington is alive and well. Politicians know that they can cash in simply by being a member of Congress. It's why nothing ever gets done they are too busy running after the cash. Washington is all about the money chase. The people be damned:

It’s that time of year again in Washington, when congressmen who once ran for office calling for change inside the Beltway are heading straight to K Street.

Retiring Rep. Heath Shuler (D-N.C.) will join Duke Energy early next year as senior vice president of federal affairs. Rep. Jason Altmire, a Pennsylvania Democrat who lost his primary, is joining insurer Florida Blue as a government affairs executive. Rep. Geoff Davis (R-Ky.), who resigned July 31, will form a public affairs firm, Republic Consulting, with lobbyist Hunter Bates.

So much for closing the revolving door.

Blind China activist's nephew gets three years in jail

Blind China activist's nephew gets three years in jail - Yahoo! News

 Chen Guangfu had filed a lawsuit against local police and officials for unlawfully barging into his house but it was rejected.

He said about 20 men led by a local official went to his home and beat his wife and son. Around this time his son took a kitchen knife and slashed three officials.

Chen Guangcheng's escape from house arrest in April and subsequent refuge in the U.S. embassy was deeply embarrassing for China, and led to a serious diplomatic tussle between the two superpowers.

Chen had accused Shandong officials in 2005 of forcing women to have late-term abortions and sterilizations to comply with China's strict family-planning policies.

After four years in jail on what he and his supporters say were trumped-up charges designed to end his activism, Chen was released in 2010 and put under house arrest in Shandong.

Strauss-Kahn, NY maid settle assault case for '$6 million'

Strauss-Kahn, NY maid settle assault case for '$6 million' - FRANCE - FRANCE 24

- Will the press apologize to this woman for smearing her reputation? We know the answer. Then again it's typical in high profile cases. An accuser, if she is a woman, is victimized a second time.

Report: Wright, Mets agree to $138M, 8-year deal

Report: Wright, Mets agree to $138M, 8-year deal | CNS News

- This is an obscene amount of money for a player. But it has become standard practice. This is the reason you can't take the family to the ballgame without spending a fortune. Free agency in professional sports is out of control. Disclaimer: I'm a Mets fan.

Shooting of Florida 17-year-old at gas station draws comparisons to Trayvon Martin case

We can thank the NRA for this. If you have a gun gotta be able to use it, one way or the other. And why not use it against a "minority."

The fatal shooting of a Florida teenager who was listening to loud music in a car a week ago has drawn comparisons to the Trayvon Martin case, but the differences are significant.

Unlike the Martin case, there were several witnesses to this shooting and there was no scuffle before 17-year-old Jordan Davis was shot to death. And notably, the man accused of firing into the car was arrested a day later.

Michael David Dunn is charged with murder and attempted murder in the Nov. 23 shooting at a Jacksonville, Fla., gas station. The 45-year-old Dunn parked beside the sport utility vehicle occupied by Davis and three other young men and told them to turn the music down, police said. Dunn exchanged words with Davis, who was in the back seat, and started firing. He later told police he felt threatened. His attorney has said Dunn saw a gun and shot in self-defense, perhaps laying the ground work for a case under Florida's "stand your ground" law.

Russian court bans 'extremist' Pussy Riot video from websites

We are watching Russia descend into a despotic regime reminiscent of the old Soviet system. And it seems no one can stop it. Although, some are courageous enough to try. Of course, the political cowards in the West will standby and allow it to happen. The implications are very dangerous for world peace:

A Russian court ruled Thursday that video footage of the Pussy Riot punk group protesting against President Vladimir Putin in a church was "extremist" and should be removed from websites.

The demonstration last February offended many Russian Orthodox Christians. But Putin has been criticized by U.S. and European leaders over what they saw as disproportionate jail sentences imposed on three Pussy Riot members.

Their trial was also seen by Putin's critics as part of a clampdown on dissent.

Walmart's poor labor record

Walmart's poor labor record - SFGate