Saturday, October 31, 2009

Republicans move to delay climate bill progress

The Republican strategy seems to be oppose every peace of legislation the Democrats offer. In the process, they do the bidding of big business. The Democrats for their part are dumb enough not to call the Republican bluff. They should propose legislation that would make the GOP look foolish. They seem content with not trying to win over any Republicans.

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"All seven Republicans on the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee plan to boycott next week's work session on a climate-change bill, an aide said on Saturday, in a move aimed at thwarting Democratic efforts to advance the controversial legislation quickly.

"Republicans will be forced not to show up" at Tuesday's work session, said Matt Dempsey, a spokesman for Republican senators on the environment panel.

Under committee rules, at least two Republicans are needed for Chairwoman Barbara Boxer to hold the work sessions that would give senators an opportunity to amend the controversial legislation and then vote to approve it in the panel, which is controlled by President Barack Obama's fellow Democrats.

But Republicans are demanding more detailed economic analysis of the bill by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency -- a task that could take more than a month -- before agreeing to participate in the work sessions that are called "mark ups."

The seven Republicans have not indicated they ultimately would vote for the bill, which Boxer wants to move through her committee before December's international climate-change summit in Copenhagen."
- Republicans move to delay climate bill progress - Yahoo! News (view on Google Sidewiki)

Philly Transit Talks Continue Before World Series

This could be disaster for the World Series. I'm sympathetic to transit workers. But you can't hold the city hostage this way. Unfortunately, politicians won't listen unless you get their attention in this manner.

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"Philly Transit Talks Continue Before World Series"
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One of Italy's Most Wanted Mafia Bosses Arrested Near Naples

He had alluded authorities for 15 years.

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"Salvatore Russo, regarded as one of the 30 most wanted and dangerous Mafia fugitives, had been hiding from police since 1995.

Police said Russo had several weapons, including an Uzi and a pistol, when they found him in a hiding space behind a wall on the farm during a raid Saturday.

Russo, 51, is believed to be the leading boss of Naple's Camorra organized crime family, Reuters reports. He had been convicted to life in prison for the murder and criminal association with the Mafia.

"This is a very heavy blow for the Camorra, we are closing the net on the superfugitives," Interior Minister Roberto Maroni told Reuters."
- One of Italy's Most Wanted Mafia Bosses Arrested Near Naples - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News - (view on Google Sidewiki)

Cheney told FBI he did not know who leaked Plame's identity

He lied.

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"Former vice president Dick Cheney told a special prosecutor in 2004 that he had no idea who leaked the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame, according to newly released FBI documents.
Cheney was questioned as part of an investigation on how journalists came to know the identity of Plame, the wife of former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, who was a critic of the Iraq war.
In the interview, Cheney responded to many questions with "I do not recall."
However, he took a few stabs at the CIA in its handling of White House allegations that Iraq was attempting to purchase uranium from Niger to manufacture nuclear weapons."
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Afghans Had Advance Intel on U.N. Attack

They knew and still couldn't stop the attack?! That's bad. We can't count on the Afghan. We must act alone in fighting the Taliban. Otherwise, we need to get out.

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"Afghans Had Advance Intel on U.N. Attack"
- Afghans Had Advance Intel on U.N. Attack - CBS News (view on Google Sidewiki)