Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Don't Believe the Media Hype: Romney is the Nominee

This article from Slate explains why we shouldn't listen the media hype trying to convince you that there is still a race going on among the Republicans. The reality is Romney has for all intents and purposes won the Republican contest to see who will represent the GOP in the Fall:

The media will desperately try to persuade you there is still a Republican race. Do not pay attention.

We journalists are sorriest of all, because Romney coasting to victory is a weak story. Were the press any other industry, cynicism about its self-interest in promoting marginal challengers would prevail. Local television stations (many of them owned by media conglomerates such as Slate’s owner, the Washington Post Company) count on election-year revenue bumps from political advertising in important primary states. If the nomination contest is effectively over by, say, the time of the Michigan primary on Feb. 28, valuable money will be left on the table. But for reporters, rooting for the underdog, any underdog, is really a matter of wanting a more dramatic story. The straight-laced front-runner winning Iowa and New Hampshire before securing the nomination early on does not count as a compelling narrative. Hence the media’s pretense of taking seriously a succession of nonviable candidates with outlandish views. Rick Santorum is not, under any circumstances, going to be the GOP nominee.
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Lobbyist latest to admit role in NY bribery scheme

NY wants to maintain it's reputation as one of the most corrupt Cites/States in the nation. Tammany Hall would be proud:

A prominent Manhattan lobbyist on Wednesday was the latest person to plead guilty in a federal corruption probe that ensnared a New York state senator.

Richard Lipsky, 64, told federal Judge Jed Rakoff that he funneled payments to former Democratic senator Carl Kruger in order to obtain favors.
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Walkout by Indiana Democrats stalls anti-union bill

With all the attention on the worthless Republican primaries lets not forget that there is still a war on working people in America:

Indiana House Democrats met behind closed doors on Wednesday, delaying the start of the 2012 legislative session and blocking action on controversial anti-union legislation backed by Republicans.

House Democratic Leader Pat Bauer defended the walkout, saying his members had been forced to boycott the first day of the new session to thwart a Republican effort to quickly ram the so-called right-to-work measure through the house.

Only additional hearings on the bill, including public meetings around the state, would break the impasse, Bauer said.
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Santorum defends earmarks, past statements

He will fade like all the rest before him, regardless of the media hype.

Santorum defends earmarks, past statements - Yahoo! News

Serious Questions Exist About Legality Of Presidential Candidate Super PACs

Someone should challenge Citizens United and take it back to the Supreme Court:
In a report issued today, Democracy 21 documented the serious questions that exist about the legality of the leading presidential candidate-specific Super PACs that are playing a major role in the 2012 presidential election.

The leading presidential candidate-specific Super PACs are serving as vehicles for candidates and donors to massively evade and circumvent candidate contribution restrictions. These restrictions have been enacted over a period covering more than a century to prevent the corruption of federal officeholders and government decisions - in other words to prevent the corruption of our democracy.
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Sinde Law brings SOPA-like restrictions to Spain

Al Gore Slams Ron Paul During Current TV’s Election Coverage

Police kill armed teen at Texas school

"A third-party candidate could make some noise in 2012"

This commentary makes some good points:

 Is 2012 the year of the third party?

The Republican Party, which conducted its first caucus Tuesday in Iowa, has yet to select a firm front-runner. President Obama's popularity has fallen, and the economy is slow to recover. More than 2.5 million people have switched from Republican or Democrat affiliations since 2008, raising the number of independent voters to 24 million.

Political experts believe this is the right recipe for a third political party to step out of obscurity and seize the national spotlight.
[...]But as we have seen in the GOP race, anything can happen in this current political climate. A third-party candidate could make some noise in 2012.
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Occupy "Die In" at Iowa DNC protests NDAA, Corporate Control Of Politics

Santorum is only the latest flavor of the Week

All the talk is about Santorum's success in Iowa. Many are talking about him as if he were a serious threat to Romney. But the former Pennsylvania Senator has done so well because he avoided scrutiny leading up to the Iowa Caucus. The list of flavors-of-the-week is long: Trump, Cain, Perry, Gingrich, Paul, and now Santorum. And the real winner from the musical chairs has been Romney. All because it allowed him to hide in the background while the frontrunner received the media scrutiny.

Romney will win New Hampshire next week. This means he will have won the first two primaries. No one that has won both Iowa and New Hampshire has failed to gain the nomination of their party.

The press has for the last few days been hyping Santorum's surge just as they've done with the other flavors-of-the-week. They seem not to learn. The media is desperately seeking a story. And there isn't one.

Romney will win the nomination.

Occupy Wall Street Protests NDAA at Grand Central