Saturday, December 19, 2009

4 policemen killed in violent Mexico border city

What is Obama doing about this? He better start paying attention to this serious issue on our border. It is already spreading onto American soil. In fact, most of the violence comes as a result of the drug trade primarily intended to satisfy to the taste for drugs in America. And the weapons used come from American vendors. This is a national security matter. We should be helping the government of Mexico in it's struggle. I'm not hearing where the U.S. government is cooperate with the Mexican authorities.

in reference to:

"Mexican law enforcement officials say four police officers have died in a series of attacks on patrol cars in the border city of Ciudad Juarez.Chihuahua state police and prosecutors say two more officers are recovering from wounds suffered in three attacks by gunmen on Friday.State police spokesman Fidel Banuelos says the first attack killed two brothers who were patrolling together but worked for different agencies."
- Newsvine - 4 policemen killed in violent Mexico border city (view on Google Sidewiki)