Saturday, September 11, 2010

'Tea party' Candidate in Delaware Rattles the Republican Party

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Biggest Increase in U.S. Poverty Rate on Record

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Terry Jones Played the Media

It's becoming increasingly clear that Terry Jones had no intention of burning  the Koran. It was a publicity stunt. And the media played along with it. In the process he got the U.S. government to get on it's collective knees and grovel before the almighty Pastor. Politicians being the media whores that they are also deserve blame for playing  Jones's game.

This individual should have been ignored from the outset. No one knew who Terry Jones was 1 week ago. And it should have remained that way after he started making his childish threats. But press couldn't resist. They saw how much profit was being made from the "Ground Zero Mosque" controversy. This time they went over the line. The media has lost all sense of decency. And now we are all endangered, including our troops in Afghanistan.

There will be a next time. The media will once again hold America hostage. We are mere pawns for an all powerful media bent on sensationalistism.

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Mistakes were made: Charter Revision Commission must correct its glaring errors

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The folks who denied New Yorkers a vote on a true term-limits proposition now acknowledge that, in the process, they made a hash of the November ballot.