Monday, May 12, 2008

Clinton Looking for Dirt to Destroy Obama With

Why is Hillary still in the race? Her hoodlum campaign workers are desperately digging for dirt to use against Barack. Even if it isn't enough to win her the nomination it could destroy his chances at winning in November. This would mean she could run in 2012. The question is whether the Democratic Party will allow her to do that.

Why haven't all the superdelegates come out for Obama? It would seem logical for them to bring this mess to an end--if they want their party to win in the general. Or are these people that naive? It is obvious what Hillary and her people are doing. Before Obama is formally nominated a news story will be leaked to the press that will become a "scandal." How big a scandal? Another Wright controversy? We will have to wait in see. The press will do the work for Hillary. And she will try to pick up the pieces.

It is shameful that the Democratic Party has not denounced these Republican swiftboat tactics coming from a fellow Democrat. This only proves that the party of Jefferson is no different from the party of Lincoln. We need an alternative to this madness.