Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wells Fargo fined $203M for overdraft practice

Wells Fargo fined $203M for overdraft practice

Dollar Drops to 15-Year Low Against the Yen
- On the road to becoming a third world nation.

Gunmen kill 8-year-old Chicago girl as she plays

Gunmen kill 8-year-old Chicago girl as she plays

Another shooting of a child in Chicago. And still nothing from Chicagoan Barack Obama.

'The Daily Show' Video: No Mosques in My Neighborhood

Jon Stewart exposes the stupidity of the anti-Mosque movement in America, including New York. He shows the ignorance of the argument by those opposing building a Mosque on 'hallowed ground.' And how the nation of freedom of religion is trying to deny that right Muslims in America. No one has done a better job than putting this issue in context than TDS...using humor, in the process.

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New Superbugs Spreading from South Asia: Study

"...could become a serious global public health problem"

"Health tourists" flocking to south Asia have carried a new class of antibiotic-resistant superbugs to Britain, researchers reported Wednesday, warning that the bacteria could spread worldwide.

Many hospital infections that were already difficult to treat have become even more impervious to drugs due to a recently discovered gene that can jump across different species of bacteria.

Record Low Mortgage Rates do Little for Demand

What now:

Home loan demand climbed last week but record low mortgage rates failed to light a fire in a market constrained by unemployment and tight lending practices.

Mortgage purchase and refinancing applications rose by less than 1 percent in the first week of August, even as 30-year loan rates fell to 4.57 percent, the lowest in 20 years of record keeping by the Mortgage Bankers Association.

Primary Votes Show Limits of Anti-Incumbent Wave

You have no one to blame but yourself if you return the incumbents to Congress. The people whom have brought this country near ruin are being given a vote of confidence. This is our chance to bring real 'change' to Washington. Don't blow it. In November, vote out every member of Congress who's been in office 10+ years. 10 and out! Or watch your country become a third world nation:

In an election year dominated by a desire for change in Washington, voters in Colorado and Connecticut on Tuesday nominated a trio of Senate candidates who positioned themselves as political outsiders. But Colorado's results proved there are limits on how much change voters actually want, a telling sign that November's pivotal midterm elections may be even more unpredictable than polls suggest.

Rand Paul calls GQ story ‘absolutely untrue’

Rand Paul calls GQ story ‘absolutely untrue’