Sunday, March 16, 2008

Millions of Iraqis Lack Water, Healthcare: Red Cross

Just another reason why the surge failed and why we should get out. And guess who gets blamed for this failure. Our troops do:

Five years after the United States led an invasion of Iraq, millions of people there are still deprived of clean water and medical care, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Monday.

In a sober report marking the anniversary of the 2003 start of the war, which ousted dictator Saddam Hussein and unleashed deep sectarian tensions, the humanitarian body said Iraqi hospitals lack beds, drugs, and medical staff.

Some areas of the country of 27 million people have no functioning water and sanitation facilities, and the poor public water supply has forced some families to use at least a third of their average $150 monthly income buying clean drinking water.

"Five years after the outbreak of the war in Iraq, the humanitarian situation in most of the country remains among the most critical in the world," the ICRC said, describing Iraq's health care system as "now in worse shape than ever."

John McLaughlin: Prostitution Good Thing, Should be Legal

Here is the former Jesuit priest and Conservative host of The McLaughlin Group making arguments for the legalization of prostitution. He even insists that it will save marriages.

Meet The Press Transcript 3-16-08

Read the Meet The Press Transcript for 3-16-08

Huh?! Typical Clintonista logic:

MR. RUSSERT: The Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll asked Democrats if a candidate loses among pledged delegates but wins the nomination by getting superdelegates, would it be legitimate nomination? Nearly four in 10 Democrats said it would not be legitimate if a candidate won the nomination on superdelegates after losing pledged delegates.[Representaive Nita Lowey][...]if, in fact, those people believe that they should abide by the wish of the pledged delegates, I would hope Senator Kennedy and Senator Kerry would vote for Clinton because look what happened in Massachusetts.

Speaking of Clinton logic:

SEN. HILLARY CLINTON (D-NY): If you're a voter from Florida or Michigan, you know that we should count your votes. The results of those primaries were fair, and they should be honored.

(End videotape)

MR. RUSSERT: But back in October, Senator Clinton said this about Michigan: "You know, it's clear, this election they're having in Michigan is not going to count for anything."

I think former Senator Bradley is saying Hillary has something to hide:
(Videotape, March 5, 2008)

SEN. BRADLEY: I think Barack Obama has a much stronger chance of beating John McCain in the general election. I think Hillary is flawed in many ways and particularly if you look at her husband's unwillingness to release the names of the people who contributed to his presidential library. And the reason that is important, are there favors attached to $500,000 or million dollar contributions? And what do I mean by favors? I mean pardons that are granted, investigations that are squelched, contracts that are awarded, regulations that are delayed. These are important questions. The people deserve to know. And we deserve, as Democrats, to know before a nominee is selected because we don't want things to explode in a general election against John McCain.

(End videotape)

Answer the question...Nita:
MR. RUSSERT: Well, to the specific then--if the tax returns were income, but the $500 million he's raised for his foundation library, should those donors be made public?

REP. LOWEY: I do believe that, at the right time, they will be made public. Let me just say one other thing that I think is very important.

MR. RUSSERT: But at the right, should it be before the primary season is over?

REP. LOWEY: I do believe that we have to have a really constructive debate, a constructive discussion. You know, the kind of information that we're releasing, it reminds me, with all due respect, Senator Bradley, of--with the Bradley-Gore primary. And, and if we don't keep this positive, all we're doing is providing fodder for the McCain-Democrat race that will take place later on. This should be a real discussion of what we're going to be doing for the economy, what we're going to be doing for food prices, gas prices, what we're going to do about the housing/energy crisis. And I do think there is more information, and Clintons have been vetted certainly more than Senator Obama.

That doesn't answer the question.

Athletes Considering Beijing Boycott: IOC Official

This would be enormously courageous. They would be leading by example and hopefully shaming the world into action. I am pessimistic since the whoring politicians in the West will continue to remain silent. Also, the media will move on to other stories, as long as no videos come out of Tibet:

International Olympic Committee (IOC) vice-president Thomas Bach says a number of top athletes are considering boycotting the games in China over the bloody crackdown on protesters in Tibet.

"Several sports stars are feeling ill at ease when they think about the Olympic Games. Some are even considering cancelling," Mr Bach, of Germany, told Sunday's edition of the Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

And will the UN investigate the atrocities being committed by the Chinese government. Once again, I am pessimistic that will be done:
The Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama - the public voice of a region now largely sealed off from the rest of the world - called Sunday for an international investigation into the crackdown against protesters in his homeland, which he said is facing a "cultural genocide."

"Some respected international organization can find out what the situation is in Tibet and what is the cause," he told reporters in Dharmsala, the Indian hill town where his government-in-exile has been based since he fled Tibet in the wake of a failed uprising in the late 1950s. "Whether intentionally or unintentionally, some kind of cultural genocide is taking place."

Pope: Enough With Slaughters in Iraq


Pope Benedict XVI issued one of his strongest appeals for peace in Iraq on Sunday, days after the body of the kidnapped Chaldean Catholic archbishop was found near the northern city of Mosul.

The pope also denounced the 5-year-long Iraq war, saying it had provoked the complete breakup of Iraqi civilian life.

"Enough with the slaughters. Enough with the violence. Enough with the hatred in Iraq!" Benedict said to applause at the end of his Palm Sunday Mass in St. Peter's Square.

[...] Benedict said Rahho's dedication to the Catholic Church and his death compelled him to "raise a strong and sorrowful cry" to denounce the violence in Iraq spawned by the war that began five years ago this week.

"At the same time, I make an appeal to the Iraqi people, who for the past five years have borne the consequences of a war that provoked the breakup of their civil and social life," Benedict said.

He urged them to raise their heads and reconstruct their life through "reconciliation, forgiveness, justice and coexistence among tribal, ethnic and religious groups."

The Vatican strongly opposed the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. In its aftermath, Benedict has frequently criticized attacks against Iraqi Christians by Islamic extremists. Last year, he urged President Bush to keep the safety of Iraqi Christians in mind.