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Bill Maher: Tea Party supports Newt Gingrich because he's racist like them

Bill Maher: Tea Party supports Newt Gingrich because he's racist like them -

"Face the Nation" transcript: January 22, 2012

"Face the Nation" transcript: January 22, 2012 - CBS News

'60 Minutes Overtime' (01-22-12)

In the midst of war, a group of Marines and our own Lara Logan go to extraordinary lengths to save a puppy named Bill; Also, Lara Logan shows us her favorite moments in the forest with icon Jane Goodall and a crew of rowdy young chimpanzees; And, It's not the dolphins that make this 1973 Morley Safer story so fun to watch -- it's the humans!

The FBI Spied on Me and Then Lied About It

The FBI is supposed to be defending us but instead are participating in a witch hunt. Remind you of the Hoover days?

Five years ago, I joined a group of leaders of the Southern California Muslim community in an attempt to find out whether the government was conducting illegal surveillance at our mosques, our homes, our jobs, in public places and elsewhere. To do so, we filed a request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) with the FBI, seeking any records relating to us and containing information about "monitoring, surveillance, observation, questioning, interrogation and/or infiltration."

The FBI produced less than 100 pages in response. Unsatisfied, we filed a lawsuit and forced them to dig deeper into their databases. This time, the FBI produced over 800 pages, but, for the most part, they were redacted because - supposedly - the information they contained was "outside the scope" of our request.

When we challenged the FBI, the court ordered an in camera review (for the eyes of the court only) to find out what the documents really contained. The court concluded that the FBI's claim that very little of the information they had was responsive to our request was blatantly false.

In a sealed order, the judge strongly criticized the government for having affirmatively misled the court. The government filed an emergency appeal, but the Ninth Circuit affirmed the district court's ruling and stressed that the government cannot, under any circumstance, withhold responsive information from the court because doing so would seriously compromise the court's function in overseeing FOIA actions.
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Video: Newt Gingrich on 'Face The Nation' (1-22-12)

Video: Governor Chris Christie on 'Meet the Press' (1-22-12)

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Video: Newt Gingrich on 'Meet The Press' (1-22-12)

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Dow up 60 percent since Obama took Office

It is proof that the Republican criticism of Obama being unfriendly to big business is a myth. This President, like his recent predecessors, are all tools of the Wall St. bankers and corporations. In fact, the Democrats, the so-called party of working people, have seen the stock market increase more than under the previous President:

60 percent: Increase in the Dow Jones Industrial average during the first three years of President Barack Obama's term, up 4,771 points to Friday's close of 12,720 as his fourth year begins.

-24 percent: Decline in the Dow during President George W. Bush's second term from 2005 to 2009, dropping 2,522 points to 7,949.

-1 percent: Decline in the Dow during President Bush's first term from 2001 to 2005, dropping 116 points to 10,471.

55 percent: Increase in the Dow during President Bill Clinton's second term from 1997 to 2001, increasing 3,744 points to 10,588.
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The Doomsday Clock Sounds a Warning

Republicans might want to run on this in the Fall against Obama:

As if the Mayan calendar and all the hype surrounding Dec. 21, 2012, weren't enough to distract the average pessimist, this week the Doomsday Clock maintained by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists was moved up a full minute to 11:55 p.m.

The bulletin cited two reasons for resetting the symbolic clock a minute closer to mankind's witching hour: the failure to curb nuclear arms proliferation and the lack of a meaningful global response to climate change that includes the world's biggest producers of carbon dioxide.

Moving the minute hand forward represents a retreat from a brief moment of optimism the scientists had when they nudged the clock back a minute two years ago. The scientists were heartened then by the international talks in Copenhagen on climate change. They also believed that nuclear stockpiles would begin shrinking. As a result, the optimism of the Nobel laureates and other scientists who represent the bulletin has turned to disappointment.
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Yemen's Saleh says to leave for treatment in United States

It's a mistake. But typical of the U.S. government. Let's not forget what happened with the Shah:

Yemen's outgoing president Ali Abdullah Saleh said on Sunday he would leave for medical treatment in the United States and return to continue leading the ruling party, but gave no indication of when he would leave the troubled country.

A source close to Saleh said he was set to leave within the next few hours for the United States via neighboring Oman.

"God willing, I will leave for treatment in the United States and I will return to Sanaa as head of the General People's Congress party," Saleh was quoted by the state news agency Saba as telling a meeting with party officials.

Saleh, who was granted immunity from prosecution under a law passed by parliament on Saturday, also asked Yemenis to forgive him for mistakes made during his rule.

"I ask for pardon from all Yemeni men and women for any shortcoming that occurred during my 33-year rule and I ask forgiveness and offer my apologies to all Yemeni men and women," he said. "Now we must concentrate on our martyrs and injured."

Thousands of Yemenis protested on Sunday against Saleh's immunity and demanded he be put on trial for offences they say he committed during his rule.
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'This Week' Transcript: GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum (1-22-12)

Full transcript. Excerpt below:

STEPHANOPOULOS: But, Senator, you've been making that case for some time right now. But looking at the exit polls coming out of South Carolina, among the voters who thought that electability, who can beat Obama, was more important -- there were a lot of them, 45 percent -- Newt Gingrich got 51 percent of them, Romney 37 percent. You were way down at 7 percent. And then of candidates looking for a very conservative candidate, a lot of those, as well, 36 percent, but Newt Gingrich gets almost -- more than double what you got.

So if you're not winning among the very conservative and you're not winning among those who want to beat Obama, what's your rationale?

SANTORUM: Well, look, we -- if you look at the numbers in Iowa, they were just the opposite. You look at the numbers in New Hampshire, they were -- they were tilted in a different direction. I mean, Newt put his flag here in South Carolina. It's a state that he knows well. It's a neighboring state for him. He spent all of his time and money down here. I spent a lot -- most of my time and money -- and certainly time, not money -- in Iowa.

And this is -- you know, these three races, in many respects, were -- are baked much more than the races going forward. And now we're going to have an opportunity for folks who haven't had the kind of exposure to the candidates that the three early primary states have, and we're going to see a very, very different dynamic.

George, there's one thing you know, that if you don't like the state of the play of the race right now, just wait until the next race. And we're going to see a completely different story. And that's the dynamism of this race.

So this idea that, because one person did well, Newt finished fourth and fifth. Where was everybody calling him to get out of the race? You know, we finished a very -- you know, we came from single digits in the last week and -- and really had a strong finish, a good debate. You know, we won Iowa, got really no bump from that because it happened the day before the primary.

There's a lot -- there's a lot of races to go. We're going to Florida and beyond.

Transcript: Fareed Zakaria, Time Interview of President Obama

Full Transcript. Excerpt below:

Fareed Zakaria: When we talked when you were campaigning for the presidency, I asked you which Administration’s foreign policy you admired. And you said that you looked at George H.W. Bush’s diplomacy, and I took that to mean the pragmatism, the sense of limits, good diplomacy, as you looked upon it favorably. Now that you are President, how has your thinking evolved?
President Obama: It is true that I’ve been complimentary of George H.W. Bush’s foreign policy, and I continue to believe that he managed a very difficult period very effectively. Now that I’ve been in office for three years, I think that I’m always cautious about comparing what we’ve done to what others have done, just because each period is unique. Each set of challenges is unique. But what I can say is that I made a commitment to change the trajectory of American foreign policy in a way that would end the war in Iraq, refocus on defeating our primary enemy, al-Qaeda, strengthen our alliances and our leadership in multilateral fora and restore American leadership in the world. And I think we have accomplished those principal goals.

We still have a lot of work to do, but if you look at the pivot from where we were in 2008 to where we are today, the Iraq war is over, we refocused attention on al-Qaeda, and they are badly wounded. They’re not eliminated, but the defeat not just of [Osama] bin Laden, but most of the top leadership, the tightening noose around their safe havens, the incapacity for them to finance themselves, they are much less capable than they were back in 2008.

5 Ways Poor Dental Care Makes You Sick


Even if you brush your teeth daily, you may still have dangerous bacteria growing inside your mouth. Not only could that lead to periodontitis (an advanced form of gum disease that comes with symptoms such as bleeding when you brush and gum pain), but studies also find a link between poor oral hygiene and major health issues. Here are some ways that missing the mark on oral care could harm your heath.

It May Hurt Your Heart

People with gum disease are almost twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease compared to those don't have periodontitis. Researchers aren't exactly sure of why this might be, but one theory is that harmful bacteria from your mouth enters your blood stream and attaches to fatty plaques in your heart's blood vessels, leading to inflammation and upping your risk of clots that can trigger heart attacks.

Video: Pen Camera Captures Attack

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Hollywood Typecasting: Some Latina Actresses Are Forever Relegated To Roles As Maids (VIDEO)

Hollywood has always been about typecasting and stereotyping. Which is ironic since so many of them are leftists. It is how bigotry and racism continue to thrive:

Teresa Yenque has appeared in seven episodes of "Law & Order" and "Law & Order: SVU", each time as a different character, as reported by Jezebel. She's played a nanny, a cleaning woman, a grieving mother, a grieving grandmother and three different housekeepers.

The common thread is that they're all stereotypical caricatures of Latinas -- submissive, god-fearing, scared of the police or La Migra.

Like Yenque, other talented Latina actresses have been relegated to similar roles throughout their careers. For whatever reason, they seem to fit nicely into what the creators of shows see as a typical maid, grandma or housekeeper. Still, behind the roles are actresses with many years of experience and well-rounded careers, including significant roles in Spanish-language films and TV.

Consider Lupe Ontiveros, who has played a maid more than 150 times, she told NPR. She played the likable housekeeper Rosalita in "The Goonies," a maid in the original "Charlie's Angels" TV series, a housekeeper in "Who's The Boss," had a recurring role on "Desperate Housewives", and on and on...
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