Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Politfact: Michelle Bachmann has a Problem with the Truth

This is why she's a flake. Bachmann is charlatan who's made a career of saying anything that would promote her political ambitions:

SCHIEFFER: I want to ask you about something else. A lot of your critics say you have been very fast and loose with the truth.

You know, the PolitiFact, which is a website that won a Pulitzer, did an analysis of 23 statements that you made recently. Of these 23, only one they said was completely true. Seven they call "pants on fire" kind of falsehoods. Four were "barely true" and two were "half- true."

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Gaza activists say ship sabotaged in Greece

- I wonder who was doing the sabotaging. It's disputes like this could end up dragging us all into a world war.
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Boeing, NLRB: Congressional Republicans interfere with NLRB case that involves Boeing


The NLRB is looking into whether Boeing chose to establish a manufacturing plant for its new 787 airliner in South Carolina to punish its unionized workers in Everett, Wash., which would be illegal. But the board is months, if not years, away from making any such determination or taking any concrete action against Boeing. An administrative law judge convened a hearing June 14, but thus far has heard not a single word of testimony.

Republican Party of the Rich Plunged us into Deficits before Obama


The failure of our leaders to offer realistic budget proposals was a major reason I decided to retire after 28 years in Congress, most of them as a professional staff member on the Republican side of both the House and Senate Budget Committees. My party talks a good game, railing about the immorality of passing debt on to our children. But the same Congressional Budget Office that punctured Obama's budget also concluded that the major policies that swung the budget from a projected 10-year surplus of $5.6 trillion in 2001 to the present 10-year deficit of $6.2 trillion were Republican in origin.

Video: Bernie Sanders: "Tell The President Not To Yield One Inch"; On Debt Deal

Video: Bernie Sanders: ‘Tell The President Not To Yield One Inch’ On Debt Deal

Bernie Sanders is the greatest champion of working people in the Congress. This video proves it once again.