Thursday, October 16, 2008

McCain Promised to 'Appoint pro-life Judges' in 2000

Banks borrow record $437.5 billion per day from Fed

In 2000, McCain ‘assured’ Gary Bauer that he would ‘appoint pro-life judges.’

Lobbyist speaks out, denies affair with McCain

Permit for McCain Cell Tower Still Active

McCain tells CBS' Letterman Sarah Palin's going on NBC's SNL

From Old Vials, New Hints on Origin of Life

Hamas infiltrator in U.S.-backed forces

Ga. woman with 5 dead spouses leaves jail

Amber Alert: 6-year-old boy kidnapped by men pretending to be police officers

Afghan Officials Say Airstrike Killed Civilians

FBI Probing Mahoney Mistress Allegations

Bush presses for Colombia trade deal Obama opposes

Anti-Chavez TV channel could face fines

Obama Beats McCain in 3rd Straight Presidential Debate

Worries over economy spread; global markets sink

Citigroup posts $2.82 bln loss

Consumer prices flat in September

Social Security benefits expected to jump in 2009

CNN Poll: Debate watchers say Obama wins

CBS Poll: Obama Has Edge In Final Debate

Gergen: McCain's Performance "An Exercise In Anger Management" (VIDEO)

Ruling May Impede Thousands of Ohio Voters

Alleged top mobster arrested from bunker in Italy

TV station censors candidate's bank failure gaffe

Bon Jovi Mad About Sarah Palin Using His Song

Sen. Clinton: Mayor Bloomberg 3rd Term attempt "disturbing"

Melamine found in Malaysian biscuits, traced to China ingredient+

Pennsylvania law tries to cut electricity usage

US infant mortality ranks lower

Credit card defaults up 54% and growing

Why the Bailout Won't Do Anything for the Root of the Problem