Sunday, December 6, 2009

1 shot in Baltimore hotel machine-gun attack

Eventually someone is going to figure out that there are too many guns out there.

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"One man was shot in the face and another was severely beaten when a fight erupted early Sunday morning during a birthday party at a downtown Baltimore hotel, police said. Officers were called to the Sheraton Baltimore City Center Hotel around 3:15 a.m., said Baltimore police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. Shortly after police arrived, they found an Uzi submachine gun in a room where the party was held."
- 1 shot in Md. hotel machine-gun shooting - Crime & courts- (view on Google Sidewiki)

SNL Video: Salahis Crash Obama Speech on Jobs

This Saturday Night Live video (12-5-09) skit/parody has the infamous Salahi couple crashing another Obama event. This time a speech on jobs.

Must-pass bills pile up as days wind down

An argument for People's Term Limits -

in reference to:

"Time is running out for Congress this year on must-pass legislation to pay for federal programs, allow the government to borrow more money, keep highway projects going and prevent the jobless from losing unemployment and health insurance benefits. It's become a tradition for lawmakers to reach the final weeks of a session without yet renewing programs that expired with the start of the budget year on Oct. 1 or will end on Dec. 31. But with the Senate devoting all the next two weeks to a health care bill, the year-end pileup has reached new dimensions."
- Must-pass bills pile up as days wind down (view on Google Sidewiki)