Sunday, May 17, 2009

Let's Find out who's Telling the Truth: Pelosi or the CIA

This is no small matter. The Speaker of the House of Representatives is calling the CIA liars. Who's telling the truth? We need an answer. Why don't we have a investigation. But who will do the investigation? Can we trust the Congress? I don't think so. The press. They didn't even look into the torture allegations in the first place. Not to mention how the Bush gang started a war under false pretenses. We need an independent group or counsel with individuals of different political persuasions. They will obviously have to have access to sensitive intelligence information, so therefore must be trusted Americans. This commission could also look into whether the Bushies lied about torture. The Obama administration for some time now has wanted this matter to go away. Now we know why. Both parties are implicated. The American people need and deserve answers. You should demand that the government not bury the truth.