Friday, December 21, 2012

Jon Hammar, Marine jailed in Mexico, to be released from prison today


Jon Hammar, the U.S. Marine who has been in a Mexican prison since August on a dubious weapon charge is being released today, his father confirmed to

Jon Hammar Sr. said during a flight layover in Houston that he was on his way to get his son, after he and his wife Olivia received a call Thursday night from their attorney, Eddie Varon-Levy telling them their son was going to be released.

"I haven't seen it in writing yet but Eddie has confirmed it with the court that Jon is being released today," Hammar Sr. said. "The U.S. consulate said they would pick Jon up at the prison and accompany him to the border crossing."

Public fury over New Delhi gang rape sparks protest across India

Women participate in a candlelight vigil to show solidarity with a rape victim at India Gate in New DelhiThe gang-rape of a young woman in New Delhi has sparked public outrage across India, bringing thousands of people onto city streets in protest against authorities' failure to ensure women's safety. Sexual violence against women often goes unremarked and unreported in India, but on Friday hundreds of students and activists blockaded roads in New Delhi and marched to the president's palace, breaking through police barricades despite water-canon fire to demand the culprits' execution. ...

North Korea Says It Has Detained an American Citizen

The Associated Press

North Korea Says It Has Detained an American Citizen
New York Times
SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea said on Friday that it had charged an American citizen detained there with committing “hostile acts against the republic,” a crime punishable by years in prison, at a time when the United States is pushing for new ...
North Korea charges detained American with crime against stateAsahi Shimbun
NKorea says it has detained a US citizenHuffington Post
North Korea says it has arrested American citizenKTVQ Billings News

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We've Lost Syria - Huffington Post (blog)

We've Lost Syria - Huffington Post (blog):

The Voice of Russia

We've Lost Syria
Huffington Post (blog)
Since the Friends of Syria meeting last week, a conclave of countries convening in Marrakech, there's been a sad clarity to the state of U.S. policy in the Middle East. It's clear that we've already lost Syria. The U.S. played the wrong game in global ...
Russia won't try to persuade Syria's Assad to quit: LavrovReuters
Russian Speakers Become Prey in Syrian ConflictNew York Times
Syria refugee exodus verging on catastropheThe Voice of Russia
The Hindu -Al-Manar TV -Zee News
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Mich. student arrested after online teacher threat

Mich. student arrested after online teacher threat: WATERLOO TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — A 16-year-old student in southern Michigan was arrested Friday after authorities said he threatened a teacher in an online posting, the latest clampdown on unruly students in the wake of last week's Connecticut school massacre.

Cops: Teen said he'd shoot Pa. school, guns found

Cops: Teen said he'd shoot Pa. school, guns found: PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Two handguns have been seized from the bedroom of a teen who threatened a shooting at his suburban Philadelphia high school a week after a mass killing at a Connecticut elementary school, police said Friday.

Eat, Drink, and Be Wary: How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Eat, Drink, and Be Wary: How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain: How to avoid the traps of holiday weight gain