Tuesday, June 14, 2011

$23 million in anonymously-funded TV ads in Michigan 2010 election, report says


Michigan voters were subjected to almost $23 million worth of anonymously-funded television advertisements during the 2010 election, according to a new report by the Michigan Campaign Finance Network.

The Michigan Secretary of State does not require disclosure of the funders of an ad unless it explicitly tells someone how to vote.

Convicted sex offender dies while raping 77-year-old woman

- What's more sinister: a system that regularly allows  rapists to commit sex crimes and get of prison in a short period of time. They then commit more rapes.

Convicted sex offender dies while raping 77-year-old woman

A convicted sex offender died raping a 77-year-old woman in Rivoli, Texas, in one last gruesome act before passing out. read more



Ex-militia leader hunted after Mont. shootout

Ex-militia leader hunted after Mont. shootout
MSNBC | JUNE 14, 2011

Federal and state agents searched a 30-square-mile swath of Montana on Monday for a former militia leader following a shootout ... read more





WASHINGTON-- The wild west of post-Citizens United campaign finance regulation has a new frontier in Nevada. Controversial ... read more



Report: $6B missing in Iraq may have been stolen

- The real criminals here are the U.S. government that allowed our money to disappear. They squandered thousands of Americans lives and 100s of billions in Iraq.


Transcript: New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debate (6-13-11)

Read the Full Transcript here. Excerpt below:

Governor Pawlenty, answer the critics -- and as you do so -- who say 5 percent every year is just unrealistic. And as you do so, where's the proof -- where's the proof that just cutting taxes will create jobs? If that were true, why during the Bush years, after the big tax cut, where were the jobs?

PAWLENTY: Well, John, my plan involves a whole plan, not just cutting taxes. We're proposing to cut taxes, reduce regulation, speed up this pace of government, and to make sure that we have a pro-growth agenda.

This president is a declinist. He views America as one of equals around the world. We're not the same as Portugal; we're not the same as Argentina. And this idea that we can't have 5 percent growth in America is hogwash. It's a defeatist attitude. If China can have 5 percent growth and Brazil can have 5 percent growth, then the United States of America can have 5 percent growth.

And I don't accept this notion that we're going to be average or anemic. So my proposal has a 5 percent growth target. It cuts taxes, but it also dramatically cuts spending. We need to fix regulation. We need to have a pro-American energy policy. We need to fix health care policy. And if you do those things, as I've proposed, including cut spending, you'll get this economy moving and growing the private economy by shrinking government.

...Governor Romney, I want you to come in on that point. Is 5 percent overly optimistic? And is it fair to compare the United States' economy, a fully developed economy, to the Chinese economy, which is still in many ways developing?

ROMNEY: Look, Tim has the right instincts, which is he recognizes that what this president has done has slowed the economy. He didn't create the recession, but he made it worse and longer. And now we have more chronic long-term employment than this country has ever seen before, 20 million people out of work, stopped looking for work, or in part-time jobs that need full-time jobs. We've got housing prices continuing to decline, and we have foreclosures at record levels.

This president has failed. And he's failed at a time when the American people counted on him to create jobs and get the economy growing. And instead of doing that, he delegated the stimulus to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, and then he did what he wanted to do: card-check, cap-and-trade, Obamacare, reregulation.

I spent my life in the private sector, 25 years.