Thursday, October 1, 2009

Political Scientists: American Standing in the World is in Decline

And won't get any better under this President. Bush almost destroyed us by himself. But this has been in the works for some time. The events of 9/11 was the turning point. Ever since then we've been headed towards demise. We are a nation that is literally falling apart. The current Republican strategy of divide and conquer is plunging a dagger in whats left of this nation. Unless we make a dramatic change, America will cease to be a great nation. It can be argued that we are headed the way of the Roman Empire. Chaos and barbarism await.

The United States' standing in the world declined in the past decade to below Cold War levels, according to a leading group of political scientists.

Favorable attitudes have risen sharply under President Barack Obama with his commitment to "restore American standing," but confidence in him appears to be in conflict with unfavorable attitudes about U.S. foreign policy, the American Political Science Association said in a report released Thursday.

"Many American leaders and citizens worry that this decline, despite a recent upturn, may be part of a long-term trend, one that will be hard to reverse," the report said.

While Obama has raised American esteem, he has not produced more European troops for Afghanistan, secured concessions from North Korea nor made any headway with Iran, the academics said.

Grayson is Right: Republicans Don't Care if we Die

Finally we have a Democratic politician with a backbone:

The non-apology:

- Debate whether Congressman Grayson was right in saying what he did