Friday, December 25, 2009

Video: al Qaeda Terror Attack on board Delta Plane Thwarted

AP report (CBS news video below):

A passenger attempted to detonate a small explosive aboard a Delta-Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Friday in what the U.S. government considers a failed terrorist attack, according to U.S. media reports.

The reports said the passenger, who was taken into custody, was identified as a Nigerian national and that the explosive device failed.

The Associated Press, quoting U.S. officials, said the passenger was acting on behalf of al-Qaida when he tried to blow up the flight.

The Northwest Airlines plane, an Airbus 330, was carrying 278 passengers. Delta Air Lines has taken over Northwest.

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Video: David Goldman Interview on board Plane Returning Home

This NBC news video interview of David Goldman is on board plane returning home after the return of his son, Sean. It took 5 long years for his son to be returned to him by the Brazilian Supreme Court.

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