Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Cancer Drugs Raise Hope of Survival

Doctors claim to have "functional cure" for HIV

Hackers report breach of US-based FBI affiliate

Florida governor defends measure requiring drug tests for welfare

Israeli troops battle protesters in Syria, 20 dead

- This is a slaughter. If it were happening in Syria, Egypt, Libya, etc., it would be called that. But since it's our "closest ally" then it's okay. Just look at the headline. It implies that the Israelis are fighting a war with a equally equipped enemy.*

President Obama Downplays Horrible Jobs Report And Poor Economy

Yesterday's dismal economic and jobs report...

casts serious doubts that our economic recovery will continue. There were just 54,000 jobs added last month and unemployment rose to 9.1%. The 54,000 number is far below the 150,000 jobs which were expected to be added last month.

President Obama...

avoided any talk of this dismal economic report yesterday as he touted the bailouts of "The Big 3." And the White House downplayed the news by stating that the economy is "headed in the right direction" - despite the fact that prices on pretty much everything continue to increase while most Americans' wages are either stagnant or heading backwards. Added to that, banks are refusing to lend to many people with "average" credit.


by corporations has been at an all-time high as they are doing more with less. Anyone with a decent job is willing to do what it takes to keep their job. And, for many salaried workers it means working longer hours for the same pay. And, many hourly workers haven't received raises in years. Or, if you are one of the lucky few who gets a measly 3% raise, that "increase" is eaten up by your annual health insurance increase, which this year is likely to increase 10%.

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