Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Half of US kids will get food stamps, study says

This is an indictment of the two party system and the so-called free enterprise system. We have an political establishment and economic orders that puts profit above our people. Trickle-down economics is represents an attack against Americans. Nothing short of revolution will do away with it. Either we overthrow the system (democratically) or will die as a nation, and planet.

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"Nearly half of all U.S. children and 90 percent of black youngsters will be on food stamps at some point during childhood, and fallout from the current recession could push those numbers even higher, researchers say. The estimate comes from an analysis of 30 years of national data, and it bolsters other recent evidence on the pervasiveness of youngsters at economic risk. It suggests that almost everyone knows a family who has received food stamps, or will in the future, said lead author Mark Rank, a sociologist at Washington University in St. Louis."
- Half of US kids will get food stamps, study says - Yahoo! News (view on Google Sidewiki)

Bloomberg Buys Himself a 3rd Term as Mayor

I've been bombarded by telephone calls from the campaign of Bloomberg. This has made me even more disgusted with this Mayor. His using of poorly spoken spanish in these calls is insulting to me. His overthrowing of term limits, which we need, is an affront to democracy. Ironically, term limits in NYC has been a spectacular success. This election shows, once again, that politics in this city is always about money and the crooked politics it engenders.

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"Mayor Michael Bloomberg's record spending is favored to win him a third term Tuesday, but by a far smaller margin than the nearly 20-point blowout he pulled off in 2005.Public opinion surveys find Bloomberg with a much narrower lead over Democrat William Thompson Jr. this year than the lead he held over his Democratic opponent in his last re-election bid, when he steamrolled Fernando Ferrer by nearly 20 points.The rivals surfaced early at their own Manhattan polling places. After voting at a school, Bloomberg took $1 from his wallet and made a bake sale purchase. Thompson arrived with family members in tow and gave a thumbs-up as he left the voting booth.The billionaire mayor spent record sums from his personal fortune on both elections. He's likely to burn through more than $100 million on this one, while Thompson is expected to spend one-tenth of that. The mayor spent $85 million in 2005."
- Bloomberg favored to win 3rd term as NYC mayor - Examiner.com (view on Google Sidewiki)

New video on missing British girl Madeleine McCann

The parents of Madeleine are still the main suspects. It was probably an accidental killing (she overdosed on sleeping medication) by one or both parents. Whom wanted to go out on the town and wanted Madeleine to stay sleeping. This case reminds me of Haleigh Cummings and others.

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"British police on Tuesday released a new video imagining what missing girl Madeleine McCann would look like now, at age six, and urged Internet users to spread the pictures as widely as they can. The appeal was launched by the U.K. Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center. Detectives hope the video will "prick the conscience" of someone who may be close to the girl's abductor. The short film includes new images of how Madeleine might have changed more than two years after she disappeared while on vacation with her family in Portugal's southern Algarve coast in May 2007. Madeleine disappeared from the resort a few days before her fourth birthday."
- Nation & World | New video on missing British girl Madeleine McCann | Seattle Times Newspaper (view on Google Sidewiki)

Rihanna says domestic violence could happen to anyone

This interview might help bring needed attention to the issue of domestic violence against women. I hope she doesn't try to explain away Brown's role. And let's hope she's forgotten the bum.

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"Pop singer Rihanna is due to speak for the first time about the night she was beaten by her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, saying in a TV interview that this could happen to anyone. R&B singer Brown, 20, was sentenced to five years probation and community service in August for attacking Rihanna, 21, on the eve of the Grammy Awards in February. He has since apologized for the assault but has remained largely out of the media spotlight. In an interview with Diana Sawyer due to be aired on ABC's program "Good Morning America" on Thursday and Friday this week, the Barbadian singer says Brown was "definitely my first big love." "This happened to me ... it can happen to anyone," she told Sawyer according to a statement from ABC."
- Rihanna says domestic violence could happen to anyone - omg! news on Yahoo! (view on Google Sidewiki)

Over 17,000 species threatened by extinction

Isn't this a metaphor for the human condition? Are humans part of that endangered species list?

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"The Switzerland-based group surveyed 47,677 animals and plants for this year's "Red List" of endangered species, determining that 17,291 of them are at risk of extinction. More than one in five of all known mammals, over a quarter of reptiles and 70 percent of plants are under threat, according to the survey, which featured over 2,800 new species compared with 2008. "These results are just the tip of the iceberg," said Craig Hilton-Taylor, who manages the list. He said many more species that have yet to be assessed could also be under serious threat."
- Over 17,000 species threatened by extinction (view on Google Sidewiki)

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