Saturday, January 9, 2010

Protection of Food Supply Faces Problems

Didn't I just post an article on this topic? I realize that the Bush administration tried to dismantle the whole food safety governmental apparatus. But, President Obama needs to take this topic seriously. The safety of the food supply in America is a priority. Just as important as health care. In fact, terrorists could paralyze America if they decided to poison our water or food supply. Get goin'.

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"When it comes to agriculture, America is indeed the land of plenty. Foods raised here and imported from around the world provide greater abundance and choice than ever before. But while our foods are bountiful, they're also inconsistently regulated. The U.S. has one of the safest food supplies in the world, but the report card is mixed, reports CBS News Correspondent Bill Whitaker. Every year 33 percent of Canadians get sick from what they eat. In the U.S., it's 25 percent. But in England it's only 2 percent and in France just 1 percent. In both places food is grown more locally and on a smaller scale than in North America. For part of the CBS News series "Where America Stands," a recent poll found that just one in three Americans are very confident that the food they buy is safe although the vast majority are at least somewhat confident that their food is safe."
- Protection of Food Supply Faces Problems - CBS Evening News - CBS News (view on Google Sidewiki)

Congress' unfinished business: jobs, immigration, Guantanamo

And it will remain unfinished. That's why we need to term limit these clowns come November 2nd. They are obviously not listening. So we need to send them a message they will hear loud and clear.

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"Reporting from Washington - Congress is returning to work to try to complete some unfinished business -- and take on some new initiatives in the time before lawmakers turn their attention to the November elections.All 435 members of the House and one-third of the Senate are up for reelection this year, creating a charged partisan environment. Many lawmakers will want to dodge controversial votes that can be used against them by their election opponents. That is particularly true in the House, where Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) has pledged to protect her endangered Democratic majority after a 2009 that saw moderate Democrats take politically risky votes on the stimulus package, a cap-and-trade energy bill, financial regulatory reform and healthcare."
- Congress' unfinished business: jobs, immigration, Guantanamo - (view on Google Sidewiki)

Bacteria Found in Many Fountain Sodas

Now why didn't the government find this out first? And what are they going to do about better regulation? Probably nothing since Republicans, and their lobbyists buddies, will start screaming "socialism."

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"Research from Hollins University, in Roanoke, Va., finds you very well could be, if your drink came from a cafeteria or restaurant soda fountain. Researchers tested 30 soda fountains and analyzed them for microbial contamination. They found many of the beverages from them were contaminated with bacteria. Coliform/fecal bacterium was detected in 48 percent of them. The potentially deadly bacteria E. coli was found in 11 percent of the tested drinks. Dr. Alanna Levine, a primary care physician, said on "The Early Show," contaminated fountain drinks could be a potential health threat to people who are weakened by illness. "We all have bacteria living in our bodies normally," she said. "It becomes more of a problem for people with compromised immune systems -- so people on chemotherapy, cancer, HIV, that sort of thing." Levine said there is a range of symptoms from none at all to gastrointestinal distress and other infections in the body. Symptoms to look for: • Vomiting • Severe diarrhea • abdominal cramping."
- Bacteria Found in Many Fountain Sodas - The Early Show - CBS News (view on Google Sidewiki)

RNC Chairman Steele: 'God' Chose me to Lead Republicans

This buffoon really takes his position seriously. What he doesn't realize is that he was chosen because of his skin color. He was picked so that Republicans can claim they are not racist when in fact they are. His real job is to raise money for the GOP and serve as a cheerleader. That's what previous RNC heads have traditionally done. He certainly was picked so that he go around giving his worthless opinions. And you certainly can't blame God for this Republican blunder. The GOP have only themselves to blame. From Think Progress:
STEELE: I'm not defined by this job. When this job is over I will go back to doing something else. But God, I really believe, has placed me here for a reason because who else and why else would you do this unless there's something inside of you that says right now you need to be here to do this?

House Democrats Said to Abandon Hopes for Public Option in Final Health Bill

More promises not kept.

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"Senior House Democrats have largely abandoned hopes of including a government-run insurance option in the final compromise health care bill taking shape, according to several officials, and are pushing for other measures to rein in private insurers. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other senior Democrats told President Obama in recent meetings they want the legislation to strip the insurance industry of a long-standing exemption from federal antitrust laws, officials said. That provision is in the House-passed measure, but was omitted from the bill that the Senate passed on Christmas Eve. They also want the final measure to include a House-passed proposal for a nationwide insurance exchange, to be regulated by the federal government, where consumers could shop for private coverage. The Senate bill calls for a state-based system of exchanges. Additionally, House Democrats want to require insurers to spend a minimum amount of premium income on benefits, thereby limiting what is available for salaries, bonuses, advertising and other items. The House bill sets the floor at 85 percent; the Senate-passed measure lowers it to 80 percent for policies sold to small groups and individuals. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the negotiations are private."
- - House Democrats Said to Abandon Hopes for Public Option in Final Health Bill (view on Google Sidewiki)

Nader continues fight over alleged '04 conspiracy

This is not surprising. Democrats and Republicans have been colluding for decades to prevent third parties from challenging the corrupt two-party system.

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"Ralph Nader didn't have any luck in Washington, D.C., with a lawsuit alleging a conspiracy to keep him off the 2004 presidential ballot. So he's taking his case to Washington County, a sparsely populated locale at the nation's easternmost tip. The lawsuit five years after President George W. Bush beat Democrat John Kerry contends the Kerry campaign and Democratic leaders conspired to keep Nader off the ballot in Maine and more than a dozen other states. Nader's lawyer, Oliver Hall, said there was a concerted effort by Nader's enemies to use courts as a weapon to sabotage Nader and his running mate, the late Peter Camejo. The lawsuit targets Kerry's presidential campaign, the Democratic National Committee and the Maine Democratic Party. "The Democrats were very clear in the 2004 election that really their purpose was just to bankrupt the Nader-Camejo campaign, drain their resources, tie them up in court and to prevent Ralph Nader and Peter Miguel Camejo from running for office," Hall said from his Washington office. In the end, Nader and Camejo, running as independents, appeared on the ballot in 34 states and collected only three-tenths of a percent of the nation's popular vote. Nader sued in 2007 in the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, but that lawsuit was tossed because the three-year statute of limitations expired. Maine's statute of limitations, which is six years, is more generous. Hall brought the lawsuit in Washington County because that's where two of Nader's Maine electors reside. There's no love lost between Nader and Democrats. Nader is loathed by many Democrats who believe his Green Party candidacy in 2000 cost Democrats the election by taking votes away from candidate Al Gore. Nader blamed Democrats for their razor-thin loss. Four years later, Maine Democratic Party Chairwoman Dorothy Melanson sued over the validity of some of the signatures obtained by Nader to make it onto the state's ballot. Nader ultimately prevailed."
- Nader continues fight over alleged '04 conspiracy - (view on Google Sidewiki)

Man arrested in Newark airport security breach

This buffoon should be punished much more than he is. This is supposed to be an educated person. He caused all kinds of problems for travelers at that airport. He should be held responsible.

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"A man believed to have breached security to bid his girlfriend goodbye, triggering the shutdown of a busy Newark Airport terminal that led to snarled flights worldwide, was arrested in New Jersey and faces a trespassing charge and a fine of up to $500, punishment a senator says should be much harsher. Haisong Jiang, 28, of Piscataway was taken into custody at 7:30 p.m. Friday at his home, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said. He was questioned at the airport by Port Authority police, who arrested him, and released shortly after midnight. The Port Authority said in a statement that Jiang will being charged with defiant trespass, and that the charge was determined in coordination with the Essex County prosecutor and federal officials, though it's not a federal charge. A spokeswoman for the Transportation Security Administration referred all questions to the Port Authority. Jiang is due to appear in Newark municipal court next week, according to Paul Loriquet of the Essex County Prosecutor's Office. It was not immediately clear whether Jiang has retained a lawyer. Jiang, who is Chinese, is a doctoral student in a joint molecular biosciences program at Rutgers University, one of his roommates said early Saturday. He said Jiang was born in Jiangxi, China, and has been in the U.S. since 2004. Jiang's roommate, who would only identify himself as Hui, said Jiang took his girlfriend to the airport Sunday. He said Jiang's girlfriend was a recent Rutgers graduate who lives in Los Angeles and was visiting for the holidays. He said Jiang hadn't mentioned anything to his roommates about what happened at the airport and they were surprised by the arrest. He said he felt Jiang didn't think what he had done was a serious matter. Hui said the roommates were aware of the video of the security breach but didn't pay much attention."
- My Way News - Man arrested in Newark airport security breach (view on Google Sidewiki)

GOP senators write Obama letter objecting to alleged bomber's trial

These shameless politicians are still playing politics with national security. Didn't the show bomber get a civilian trial? This is pure grandstanding. The Republicans have as a strategy trying to undermine this president. It is unprecedented. They are literally hoping for a terror attack as a way to get into power. You didn't have Democrats using 9-11 to attack Republicans. And the GOP kept control of Congress after that terrible event 8 years ago.

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"More than 20 Republican senators wrote a letter to President Barack Obama on Friday objecting to the administration’s decision to try terror suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab in civilian courts. The GOP senators want the 23-year-old Nigerian accused of trying to bomb a Northwest Airlines jet tried in military courts and declared an enemy combatant. By bringing Abdulmutallab before a judge and allowing him to face charges, critics say, the administration is missing an opportunity to interrogate him more thoroughly."
- GOP senators write Obama letter objecting to alleged bomber's trial - (view on Google Sidewiki)