Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pakistan: The Coming Disaster

Already we are seeing a dramatic rise in refugees in Pakistan due to the war against the Taliban. It is only a preview of the chaos to come in the months to come. All the indications are that the Taliban/religious extremists will take over that country.

It is reminiscent of Vietnam before the fall. If that should happen it would be disastrous for the U.S. and civilized world. Pakistan is already a hot bed for Jihadists. It also believed that Bin Laden, if still alive, resides there along the border with Afghanistan. A victory in Pakistan for the Taliban will guarantee the retaking of Afghanistan. It would also threaten to send Iraq into chaos as well. Given the fact that Pakistan has the bomb we could have a very serious situation indeed. Worst of all al Qaeda would have a free hand to plot against America. And it doesn't seem the government, including the Obama administration, has a clue on how to deal with the dire situation in the Middle East.

Israel's plan to bomb Iran would only make things that much worse. And if Iran retaliates we could see a World War. This is why we need a clearly articulated strategy for dealing with the situation in Pakistan. Dropping bombs on that country is no strategy.
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