Thursday, October 30, 2008

Palin Speech at Cape Girardeau: Transcript (10-30-08)

This speech was given Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Read the complete transcript.

Well Missouri, it is just five days until election day, that time for choosing. Our nation we're gonna go one of two ways and our country right now of course we're facing tough times. Tough economic times especially now more than ever we need someone tough as president, we need a leader with experience and courage and good judgement and truthfulness.

We need someone with a bold and free and fair plan of action to take this country in a new direction and soon that time for choosing, it will be here, and the choice could not be clearer. Only John McCain has the wisdom and he has the experience to get our economy back on the right track, because he has a pro-growth, pro-private sector plan to put your government back on your side. It is of the people, by the people, for the people, it is your government.

As John McCain and I are protecting every one of your constitutional rights we will implement an economic plan that will also help our families keep their homes by cleaning up the corruption and the greed that bought us the housing crisis to start with.

We're gonna help our retirees keep their savings and their investments. These are our esteemed elders in this nation who have built up our families and our communities and then they trusted other people to manage their savings for them and because of that corruption and greed, they're forced now to worry about their investments, that's not right, thats not fair, it won't happen on our watch, that need to be scared for our elders.

We're gonna make sure that they're secure and our economic plan too. It will help all of us afford good health care and its gonna help our students afford to pay college, thats for our students and our plan includes confronting the $10 trillion debt that the federal government has run up, $10 trillion that we are in debt and we're expected to pass that on to our children and have them pay that off for us. Again that's not right, that's not fair, that won't happen on our watch.

John and I will impose a spending freeze to cover all but the most vital functions of government and we will balance the federal budget by the end of our first term.

Our plan is pretty simple. We're gonna lower your income taxes. And we'll double the child tax deduction for every family. We're gonna cut the capital gains tax. And did you know the U.S. business tax is the second highest is the entire world? It is no wonder that companies are moving overseas to do business because of taxes, it's cheaper for them to do business over there. No we will cut that tax, we'll keep American businesses in America.

And you can trust John McCain and me to keep our promises because we're the only candidates in this race with track records of reform. I've done it up in the state of Alaska by confronting the good ole boy network and cleaning up corruption and greed there, vetoing wasteful spending. John McCain. he's known in the U.S. Senate not just as the patriot but as the maverick — he's taken on the wasteful spending and the abuse.

Obama with Bill Clinton in Florida: Video (10-29-08)

Bill Clinton appeared with Barack Obama last night in Kissimmee, Florida. Video below.

Obama on the 'Daily Show': video, Transcript (10-29-08)

Obama appeared on Jon Stewart's 'Daily Show' program. Read the complete transcript.

Jon Stewart: William Jefferson Clinton and you in Florida. Now, I know Florida, many of my people go there to retire. You might want to hold the rally early. They don't like to miss their shows at night or the early-bird special at the diner. So, whatever you can....

Barack Obama: No comment on that, Jon. I'm trying to win Florida.

Jon Stewart: What a wise man. I thought that at this point, you would be doing sort of a four corners offense, playing kind of a delay game, but you really are going at it. Tell me about this half-hour special that aired earlier tonight. What is this?

Barack Obama: Well, this is the Obama infomercial. I'll tell you a quick story. We're buying time on a lot of the stations. I was describing this to Michelle and my daughters, and Malia who is ten, she said "Hold up a second. Are you saying my programs are going to be interrupted?" I said no we didn't buy on Disney. She was relieved, but for everybody else who wants to watch, they're going to have a chance to take a look at not just sort of a pitch for me but really what we try to do is tell a story about what's happening in families all across America. We've got four families that we feature. All of them have great hopes, but all of them are struggling too. We want to talk about what the next four years would mean for them.

Jon Stewart: Will it annoy us? Or will we like it? Afterwards, will we think, did he just sell me a Shamwow? What the hell just happened? Or will we feel comforted and, you know....

Barack Obama: I hope what people will come away with, I hope they'll say to themselves you know what? This election is really important. These families that have been featured remind me of either myself or people I that know. I hope they'll have a better sense of exactly what I want to do as president. That's all you can do. At this stage, everything that needs to be said has probably been heard by a lot of voters. What you want to do is remind them one more time. Here's what I'm going to do, not oversell, let people make up their minds. That's how democracy works.

Jon Stewart: So much of this has been about fear of you. An elitist, a celebrity, a Muslim terrorist sympathizer. A Socialist, a Marxist, a witch. That's right. They've been calling you a witch. They're saying if you do win, is that a mandate for Socialism in this country? Has any of this fear stuff, do you think it's stuff with the electorate? Are you finding that on the trail?

Barack Obama: You know, it just hasn't. I mean, I think, there's a certain segment of hard-core Sean Hannity fans that probably wouldn't want to go have a beer with me, there's no doubt about that. But I think for the average voter, they're saying to themselves, what's all this stuff about? I'm trying to figure out whether I can hang on to my house or who is going to help me get a job or what about my health care, my premiums have doubled over the last couple of years. So I don't think that they're paying too much attention to this stuff. And the whole Socialism argument that doesn't fly too well. The evidence of this seems pretty thin. I said today that I think they found proof that when I was in kindergarten I shared some toys with my friends. That's clearly a sign that of subversive activity now, I can tell you, Jon, that being on your program I think is further evidence of these tendencies.