Thursday, August 6, 2009

Business as Usual: 8-5-09

You would never know that we had almost plunged into a great depression just months ago. Professional athletes are making the kinds of obscene salaries did prior to the near collapse. The latest example: Eli Manning. He is having his contract extended for a near $100 million. Is that rational? The free enterprizers would insist that the marketplace is always right therefore it's a good thing. At a time when Americans are barely able to make ends meet, such a salary hike for playing a game is obscene. And who pays those salaries? You and I do with ever rising ticket prices.
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I'm watching MSNBC and they are showing the video created by that Pennsylvania killer. We see a seriously disturbed individual give a tour of his house. And once again a mass killer is given what they want--attention and fame. This encourages others to do the same.

No mention of the fact that once again a gun is used to commit terrible crimes. Its almost as if the press/media were under orders to ignore the issue of guns in our society. As long as the Congress is owned by the gun lobby, mass murder will continue to be America's fastest rising sport.

Also appearing on the program was disgraced former NY Governor, Elliott Spitzer. It seems you can't tell the difference between news programs and reality shows.