Monday, December 28, 2009

Government Incapable of Protecting Us

This is the second time in less than 2 months the government failed to protect our fellow citizens when they had been warned. There is a pattern here. As in Fort Hood, there was ample evidence to suggest that the individual trying to bomb that Delta jet on Christmas day had Jihadist tendencies. Not only did they fail but, like the administration, are claiming that somehow they had thwarted a terrorist attack. The media has failed to connect the dots. But you and I should not ignore the awful truth that not this White House but the Congress are clueless in fighting terrorism. It is why we need an agency set up specifically to fight terrorism. The alternative is making a passengers have a cavity check at the airport.
in reference to:
"The botched attack on an Amsterdam-Detroit flight is expected to have a limited impact on global air traffic, but the need for tighter security measures caps an already difficult year for the airline industry. Air travelers were facing stringent new security restrictions following the failed bombing of the US-bound aircraft last Friday that was claimed Monday by Al-Qaeda in a statement picked up by US monitors.... "Traffic is only affected by tragedies or war," Richard Aboulafia, an analyst with Teal Group Corp., told AFP. "Smaller incidents like these seldom have an impact, although a security overreaction could lead to even greater dissatisfaction among travelers, which helps weaken long-term traffic growth," he said. Oliver Fainsilber, a consultant with Oliver Wyman, agreed. He said the incident alone "will not have a lasting impact on traffic" unless "if two or three similar cases occurred in the weeks to come which refutes the idea of an isolated act.""
- Limited impact seen on air traffic after bombing bid (view on Google Sidewiki)