Sunday, July 6, 2008

CNN Revisits the Iraq war’s Deceit and Deception

CNN’s Late Edition celebrated its 10th anniversary today by re-airing some of Wolf Blitzer’s key interviews with Bush administration officials about the Iraq war. Some highlights. BUSH: "If at any time I found that the Iraqis were developing weapons of mass destruction, they wouldn’t exist anymore (Jan. 2000)"

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Why Zimbabwe Horror Ignored: No Oil, No al Qaeda, Wrong Color

It is clear that the lives of black Africans are expendable. That is why their plight is ignored.

South African President Thabo Mbeki has held talks in Harare with Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe and Arthur Mutambara, leader of a breakaway opposition faction. Mr Mbeki, the chief regional negotiator on the Zimbabwe crisis, has been trying to persuade Mr Mugabe to form a government of national unity. However, Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the main opposition party, declined to meet Mr Mbeki. Before Saturday’s meeting VOA’s Akwei Thompson spoke with John Makumbe, senior lecturer of political science at the University of Zimbabwe the country’s political future.

Makumbe said that, technically, President Mugabe will rule Zimbabwe for the next five years, however, “it will be interesting to see how he rules this country with an illegitimate presidency that he has acquired ” he added.

On the issue of negotiations for a possible unity government in Zimbabwe Makumbe said that would be possible only if the conditions laid down by the Movement for Democratic change are met.

Mort Zuckerman: We're Headed for Worst Recession Since the Great Depression

Coming from a well known publisher and billionaire, Zuckerman's words carry weight. And he's been saying it all along. You just need to look all around you. There are serious problems that if not addressed will lead to a depression. This blogger is only one of the very few sounding the alarm. Tragically, we have a President who is criminally negligent and won't lift a finger to save us.

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Bush: Olympic Boycott would Insult Chinese

Bush refuses to do the right thing. He will never take the side of the oppressed. He's also been total lapdog of the Chinese. He's once again given the finger to the Tibetans.

President Bush on Sunday defended his decision to attend next month's Olympics opening ceremony in Beijing, saying that to boycott "would be an affront to the Chinese people."
Why don't you try this approach with Iran? Why appeasing China good and not with Iran?
Speaking to reporters ahead of this week's summit of the Group of Eight industrialized nations in Japan, Bush said he did not need to skip the ceremony to show his position on religious freedom and human rights in China.

He said if he failed to attend the Games it would "make it more difficult to be able to speak more frankly with the Chinese leadership."