Friday, November 20, 2009

Militia movement resurfaces across nation

This says it all: "A significant difference this time, according to the April analysis, is that the nation has its first black president. "Right-wing extremists," the report says, "are harnessing this historical election as a recruitment tool."'

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"Norm Olson's genial tone belies his reputation as a radical militiaman, yet here he is, at 63, an affable grandfather explaining why Americans should arm themselves against their government.Walking stick in hand, clad in military fatigues, he strolls a trail in the woods near his home, located on 22 acres near Nikiski, a small, unincorporated community with isolated roads and no local government. The nearest state trooper post is two towns away.A fellow militiaman, armed with an assault rifle, walks along as Olson — a man whose conspiracy theories were so extreme that he was kicked out of the group he founded, the Michigan Militia, 15 years ago — discourses on the need for a paramilitary Alaska Citizens Militia."
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Billboard in Colo. links Obama with jihadists

More racist slurs from the right. The sign should say equate Jihadists with Teabaggers.

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"A billboard showing President Barack Obama wearing a turban has sparked a lot of attention at the suburban Denver used car dealership that put it up.The sign, completed Friday by artist David Lee, shows a grinning, cartoonish Obama and bears the words "PRESIDENT or JIHAD?"Underneath the president's image is a big yellow square with the phrase, "BIRTH CERTIFICATE, PROVE IT!""
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CDC: H1N1 cases decrease as vaccine availability increases

CNN deserves credit for not using the term Swine Flu. This network has some sense of responsibility.

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"Health officials on Friday reported a slight decrease in H1N1 flu activity nationwide. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said 43 states now have widespread flu activity, compared with 46 states last week and 48 states at the beginning of November. "It's still much greater than we would ever see at this time of year," Dr. Anne Schuchat, director of the CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said in a news conference. Schuchat added that while some parts of the country are seeing a small decline in flu cases, other areas, including Maine and Hawaii, have seen a bit of a surge."
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Poll: Public Shifting Blame for Recession

You can no longer keep blaming Bush, Barack. The American people are now beginning to realize that electing a Democrat President isn't going to make things better. In fact, it is now becoming clear that the candidate who promised "change" during the last presidential campaign is no better than the rest in terms of solving the problems that plague this nation.

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"Nearly two years into the recession, opinion about which political party is responsible for the severe economic downturn is shifting, according to a new national poll. A CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey released Friday morning indicates that 38 percent of the public blames Republicans for the country's current economic problems. In May, 53 percent blamed the GOP. According to the poll, 27 percent now blame the Democrats for the recession, up 6 points from May, and 27 percent now say both parties are responsible. "The bad news for the Democrats is that the number of Americans who hold the GOP exclusively responsible for the recession has been steadily falling by about two to three points per month," said Keating Holland, CNN polling director. "At that rate, only a handful of voters will blame the economy on the Republicans by the time next year's midterm elections roll around..""
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Biden On The Bailout: 'Socialism For The Rich"

Is that what Republicans mean when they call President Obama a "socialist"?

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"In an interview with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central's The Daily Show Tuesday evening, Vice President Joe Biden acknowledged the anger and frustration many taxpayers feel over the way financial institutions seem to have favored status in Washington D.C. Pointing to the hundreds of billions of government dollars that have been spent to keep banks from failing, he recalled a "great expression" of his grandfather, Ambrose Finnegan: "It's socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor," Biden said. But he defended his administration's decisions to rescue Wall Street institutions from the brink of failure. "Because if we did not bail them out, we would have been in a position where there was a literal depression, not a recession.""
- Biden On The Bailout: 'Socialism For The Rich And Capitalism For The Poor' (VIDEO) (view on Google Sidewiki)

Former Bush DOJ Officials Back Holder on Trial of 9/11 Suspects

Big ado about nothing, really. But this is part of the Republican strategy - go crazy about decision President Obama does. It's a hate, no solutions agenda.

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"James Comey and Jack Goldsmith, high-ranking Department of Justice officials under Bush, have an op-ed in the Washington Post defending Attorney General Eric Holder's decision to prosecute Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other detainees in federal criminal court instead of a military commission proceeding. The conclusion is fine: But Holder's critics do not help their case by understating the criminal justice system's capacities, overstating the military system's virtues and bumper-stickering a reasonable decision."
- Former Bush DOJ Officials Back Holder on Trial of 9/11 Suspects - TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime (view on Google Sidewiki)