Saturday, May 22, 2010

Right Wing Reacts With Rage To First Muslim American Miss USA: ‘An Odd Form Of Affirmative Action’

Think Progress » Right Wing Reacts With Rage To First Muslim American Miss USA: ‘An Odd Form Of Affirmative Action’ (Updated)

Video: Congress Funds Jet Engine the Military Doesn't Want

This is a perfect example of why we are bankrupt as a Nation. The Congress spends your money to buy your votes. Pork barrel is how incumbents stay in power in Washington. Are you for sale? If not, term limit those members of Congress who vote for such wasteful programs.

Video: Texas Text Book Controversy - The Rewriting of History

Cuomo Video Announces Campaign for Governor

Cuomo Video Announces Campaign for Governor -

Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo announced his campaign for governor with a video released early Saturday morning, finally making official his entrance into the race for governor this fall.

...Mr. Cuomo has no competition for the Democratic nomination and has been moving to assert control over the state party, and the 2010 ticket, for several months.

Hundreds Flock to Nigeria in Search of Food

This is indictment of the capitalist system, and the international community. Despite all the world organizations, charities, and big words nothing is done. And don't expect Barack Obama to do anything about it. He hasn't spoken out on the mess in Chicago.

Hundreds of Niger nationals, mostly women and children, have flooded into neighbouring Nigeria in search of food, officials and residents said on Friday.

"We are aware of the recent influx of people from Niger into some parts of (southern) Katsina State," Sani Makana, the state agriculture commissioner told AFP by phone from the state capital Katsina.

The number of of Niger nationals in northern Katsina state, which shares a land border with Nigeria, has soared in the past two months, residents said.

Makana said some were so desperate they had been forced to beg door-to-door.

"It is a pathetic sight. They just have nothing to live on and have to beg to eat," said Katsina resident, Abubakar Shehu.

"When you ask them why they came here they tell you that they were starving in Niger... and would die if they stayed," Shehu said.

According to the United Nations around 7.8 million Nigeriens are in need of food, out of the around 10 million affected by a crisis in the Sahel region.