Wednesday, March 19, 2008

First Lady Records Show Clinton Promoted NAFTA

So now we know for a fact that Hillary Clinton lied when she says she opposed NAFTA:

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton now argues that the North American Free Trade Agreement needs to be renegotiated, but newly released records showed on Wednesday she promoted its passage.

The press keeps forgetting to mention those documents were released because she was forced to do so because of a lawsuit:
The National Archives and the Clinton presidential library jointly released more than 11,000 pages of Clinton's daily schedule as first lady from 1993 to 2001.

The release came in response to charges that she is overly secretive, and also allowed her campaign to promote her argument that she gained valuable White House experience during her years as first lady.

[...]The documents clearly indicated that Clinton had a powerful role at the White House, frequently meeting foreign leaders and presiding over meetings.

The NAFTA agreement, linking trade between the United States, Canada and Mexico, was considered a major accomplishment by President Bill Clinton in 1994.

But now many Americans blame the agreement for the loss of thousands of U.S. manufacturing jobs.

NAFTA has become such an issue on the Democratic presidential campaign trail that both Clinton and rival Barack Obama have vowed to renegotiate it.

The former first lady's records showed first lady Clinton worked on behalf of the accord.

Among the thousands of details of daily life for Clinton, there was a November 10, 1993, entry -- a "NAFTA Briefing drop-by," in Room 450 of the executive office building next door to the White House, closed to the news media.

Approximately 120 people were expected to attend the briefing, and Clinton was to be introduced by White House aide Alexis Herman for brief remarks concluding the program.

Dick Cheney: I Don't Care What the People Think About the War

It was a shocking display of contempt for the American people. Then again what would you expect from George Bush's VP? Both have been totally indifferent to the will of the American people since they set foot in the White House in 2001. Nonetheless it is shocking to hear it from the mouth of the Vice President:

Five years after the start of the war in Iraq, Vice President Dick Cheney offered a positive assessment of the war today and called last year's troop surge a "major success."

"On the security front, I think there's a general consensus that we've made major progress, that the surge has worked. That's been a major success," Cheney told ABC News' Martha Raddatz.

When asked about how that jibes with recent polls that show about two-thirds of Americans say the fight in Iraq is not worth it, Cheney replied, "So?"

"You don't care what the American people think?" Raddatz asked the vice president.

"You can't be blown off course by polls," said Cheney, who is currently on a tour of the Middle East. "This president is very courageous and determined to go the course. There has been a huge fundamental change and transformation for the better. That's a huge accomplishment."

Hillary Clinton Forced to Release First Lady Records

We've forgotten about Hillary's stonewalling with all the press coverage over the Obama-Wright scandal. I guess the press fell for the Clinton propaganda that they were soft on Obama. Now they've decided to go overboard. What happened to the Ferraro scandal? It disappeared a day later. What a gift for Hillary. And what about McCain's hate-preacher? Is it any less scandalous? We need to get back to why the Clinton's continue to stonewall on the releasing of information. Unfortunately because of the Obama scandalmania we won't hear too much today about why it took a lawsuit to get Hillary to release her records from her White House days:

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's activities while U.S. first lady will be made public on Wednesday, the National Archives said on Tuesday, in response to legal pressure by a watchdog group.

The records, some 11,000 pages in all, document nearly all of the meetings, trips, speaking engagements and social activities Clinton engaged in while her husband, Bill Clinton, served as president between 1993 and 2001, the National Archives said.

The records are being released in response to a lawsuit by Judicial Watch, a conservative legal watchdog group.