Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why Washington Really Likes Itself:

CBS News: For every dollar spent on infrastructure $1.44 is returned to the economy. It's an investment in America; a no-brainer.

Bloomberg: Public Transportation most likely not running on Monday despite no rain expected.. Wanna bet it is?

"Have the Weather Channel and rest of media overhyped Irene?":

Obama finally shows concern about a natural disaster while it's happening. He usually waits several days later to comment.

The politicians are getting plenty of face time on TV from the Irene over-hype. They also don't want to be accused of not doing enough.

Psychics Offered $1 Million to Prove Powers

'Klan Buster' Stetson Kennedy Dies at 94

The hype over Hurricane Irene is overblown, predicts the CEO of Advanced Forecasting Corporation: