Saturday, March 8, 2008

Clinton Openness to Obama as VP is a Political Ploy

The polls show that the public would love to see Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as running mates. This would explain why the "monster" continually mentions the idea during her speeches. It is only the latest ploy coming from the Clinton propaganda machine. Hillary has no intention of choosing Obama as VP. Nor is Obama interested. It's a cheap way of getting votes.

By the way, those same polls still show Barack ahead nationally, and as the most electable.

It is this kind of deviousness that explains why Hillary is hiding her tax returns. Those tactics would include accusing a fellow Democrat of being the Bill Clinton persecutor, Kenneth Starr. This is not the behavior of an honorable person.

Despite all the mud being slung at Barack Obama he continues to gain superdelegates, even when he loses a State.