Saturday, April 10, 2010

Polls: Vote Out Incumbents

Polls: Vote Out Incumbents

Only a small percentage of you would vote to re-elect your representative. Now you have no excuses. But are you really going to vote the incumbents? This is your chance to control your own destiny. Follow through: vote them out come November. You might not get another chance.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Glenn Beck Earned $32 Million In 2009

Glenn Beck Earned $32 Million In 2009

- Hate is very profitable, nowadays.

Sarah Palin: Michael Steele 'doing a great job'

Sarah Palin: Michael Steele 'doing a great job'

They're made each other. They're both clowns.

Survey: 1 in 5 Believe in Aliens

Is it any wonder the world is going to hell-in-a-hand-basket? Ignorance and irrationality rules the world. It also demonstrates the power of the media:

Aliens exist and they live in our midst disguised as humans -- at least, that's what 20 percent of people polled in a global survey believe.

The Reuters Ipsos poll of 23,000 adults in 22 countries showed that more than 40 percent of people from India and China believe that aliens walk among us disguised as humans, while those least likely to believe in this are from Belgium, Sweden and the Netherlands (8 percent each).

However, the majority of people polled, or 80 percent, don't believe aliens in our midst.

"It would appear that that there's a modest correlation between the most populated countries and those more likely to indicate there may be aliens disguised amongst them compared with those countries with the smaller populations," said John Wright, Senior Vice President of market research firm Ipsos.

"Maybe the it's a simple case that in a less populated country you are more likely to know your next door neighbor better," he said.
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools: RNC lists Phone-sex Hotline

Wrong number: RNC lists phone-sex hotline

"Typo"? "Freudian slip"?

The best thing the Republican Party can say about this week is, it's nearly over.

First came news that the Republican National Committee paid $1,946 for a gathering at a sex-themed Hollywood club, which a group of young Republicans had visited without RNC approval. The money is to be paid back.

Now it turns out the RNC inadvertently listed a phone-sex number on a fundraising letter sent to potential donors. People who tried to call the committee were instead offered "live, one-on-one talk with a nasty girl" for $2.99 a minute.

CEO Pay Fell Less Than 1 Percent in 2009

Despite a near financial catastrophe, CEO barely dropped. The rest of us saw our tough going even tougher. It was like there was no near collapse of the economy for corporate America. We thank that fraud in the White House, along with the big business pawns in Washington, for this obscenity:

The median compensation for chief executives of 200 major U.S. companies fell marginally to $6.95 million in 2009, the Wall Street Journal said, citing an analysis by Hay Group management consultancy.

The median value of salaries, bonuses, long-term incentives, and grants of stock and stock options for the chief executives fell 0.9 percent, the Journal said.

It was only the third time since 1989 that total direct compensation has fallen for U.S. chief executives, the newspaper said.

In March, Reuters reported that U.S. consumer, financial and technology companies slashed bonuses for their chief executives by more than half in 2009, as companies moved to more closely tie executive pay to performance.
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Video: Hedge funds made Billions over Bailouts

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Actor Fired for Refusing to do Sex Scene on ABC Show

The people who control the entertainment industry are little more than pimps. So it shouldn't be any surprise:

Neal McDonough is a marvelous actor who elevates every role he plays, whether it's in Band of Brothers or Desperate Housewives. So when he was suddenly replaced with David James Elliott 3 days into the filming on ABC's new series Scoundrels earlier this week, there had to be a story behind the story. The move was officially explained as a casting change. But, in fact, McDonough was sacked because of his refusal to do some heated love scenes with babelicious star (and Botox pitchwoman) Virginia Madsen. The reason? He's a family man and a Catholic, and he's always made it clear that he won't do sex scenes. And ABC knew that. Because he also didn't get into action with Nicolette Sheridan on the network's Desperate Housewives when he played her psycho husband during Season 5.