Monday, April 16, 2012

Transcript, Video: Mitt and Ann Romney's Interview With Diane Sawyer

Full transcript. Excerpt below:

DIANE SAWYER: And John McCain said they gave him 23 years of tax returns when he was considering you for the vice presidency. If John McCain can get 23 should-- for transparency's sake the rest of the American public get 23 years?

MITT ROMNEY: Well, actually the American public has through legislation determined that we need a extraordinary dis-- set of disclosure of financial records of people running for president and I have complied with all that and then in addition put out two more years of tax returns. And exactly as John McCain and-- and-- John Kerry had, and-- I know the Obama people want to get us to do something that will cause a lot of attention to be drawn to the fact that I've been successful. John McCain wasn't worried about diverting from the issues of-- of the-- of the day, but I understand that the Democrats are going to try and do everything in their power to keep this election from being about the failure of President Obama to turn around our economy.
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Is Romney’s ‘secrecy’ a Mormon reference?

The Obama administration apparently wants to fight fire with fire. If Republicans use bigotry then this White House will use the same tactics. The President sure doesn't want to run on his record:

There is no way to know what Mr. Axelrod’s real intent was -- he may not be fully aware of it himself -- but if his primary concerns were with Romney’s financial and political transparency, then why raise those last three questions about his character, belief and life history?

As Jon Meacham asked on “Morning Joe” Monday, “Is this code for the secrecy of the Mormon Church?”
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Mitt Romney Tells Rich Donors His Secret Plan To Cut Housing Assistance

Romney said he would eliminate or limit for high-earners the mortgage interest deduction for 2nd homes

This is a no-brainer. And you mean this is still allowed to go on? Can you top this one Obama? Romney came out for raising the minimum wage. And he's anti-labor. Why hasn't the President proposed raising the minimum wage, as he promised in 2008:

Mitt Romney, speaking at a private fundraising event on Sunday, offered the first details of deductions he would eliminate or limit in order to offset the income tax cut he has proposed for all taxpayers.

Mr. Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, said he would eliminate or limit for high-earners the mortgage interest deduction for second homes, and likely would do the same for the state income tax deduction and state property tax deduction.
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Many U.S. Immigrants’ Children Seek American Dream Abroad

A sign of a nation in decline. America no longer a nation of opportunity?

In interviews, many of these Americans said they did not know how long they would live abroad; some said it was possible that they would remain expatriates for many years, if not for the rest of their lives.

Their decisions to leave have, in many cases, troubled their immigrant parents. Yet most said they had been pushed by the dismal hiring climate in the United States or pulled by prospects abroad.
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Phone hacking: Bobby Davro sues News of the World publisher

Phone hacking: Bobby Davro sues News of the World publisher | Media |

Bobby Davro and his former wife Trudi have become the latest public figures to sue the former publisher of the News of the World over alleged phone hacking.

The comedian filed a civil action under his real name, Robert Nankeville, at the high court in London last week against News Group Newspapers, the News International subsidiary that published the now-closed News of the World and Glenn Mulcaire, the private investigator who used to work for the paper.

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Stop the nuclear industry welfare program

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Stop the nuclear industry welfare program

Obama raises $53M for campaign, Dems in March

Obama raises $53M for campaign, Dems in March - CBS News