Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hillary's Only Argument Left not Valid

Hillary is still running around telling voters that she has a better chance at beating McCain in the Fall. The polls don't show it. Both Clinton and Obama beat McCain by about the same amount--white voters not withstanding. Tonights West Virginia primary will not change that fact. Obama has now surpassed Hillary in superdelegates. Everyday that passes more and more of those non-elected delegates go towards to Obama. At this pace, Obama will have enough to win the nomination sometime in June. Even if Obama doesn't win 1 delegate in the upcoming primaries, which is impossible, he will win probably 30 to 40 delegates, all he needs 2/3rds of the remaining superdelegates.

Conversely, it is nearly mathematically impossible for Hillary to win enough delegates. She needs 320 delegates to win the nomination. There are only 150+ superdelegates left. That means she would have to win all the superdelegates and 65 percent of the delegates in the last remaining primaries. Ain't gonna happen. It's impossible, even if you include Michigan and Florida.

Just heard a caller on Cspan discuss Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and experience. No one talks about the Governator's qualifications anymore. Hillary for a long time argued that she was qualified to be President and Obama was not. She doesn't bring that up anymore.