Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Afghanistan's future threatened by ex-warlords

The answer is what worked in Bosnia, and even in the U.S., federalism. This will ensure the support of the warlords against the Taliban. It will also pave the way for Democracy. Current Vice President, Joe Biden, offered it as solution for Iraq. Unfortunately, there is no leadership in Washington. They don't think things through. It's always about what's popular or helps politicians to get themselves reelected or line their pockets.

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"Warlords helped drive the Russians from Afghanistan, then shelled Kabul into ruins in a bloody civil war after the Soviets left.Now they are back in positions of power, in part because the U.S. relied on them in 2001 to help oust the Taliban after the Sept. 11 attacks. President Hamid Karzai later reached out to them to shore up his own power base as America turned its attention to Iraq after the Taliban's route.With the Taliban resurging, the entrenched power of the warlords is complicating Karzai's promises to rid his new government of corruption and cronies, steps seen as critical to building support among Afghans against the insurgents."
- Afghan future threatened by ex-warlords - South and Central Asia- (view on Google Sidewiki)

Lots of Cash Has been Raised for Rep. Stephen Buyer's Scholarship Foundation, but So Far No Scholarships Have been Awarded

This is a complete outrage. And guess what? Nothing will happen to this scum. People are in Congress just line their pockets. They are for sale to the lobbyists in Washington.

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"After repeated requests, Congressman Stephen Buyer finally agreed to sit down for a brief interview with CBS News Investigative Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson. The subject: a small non-profit he founded in 2003. Who's paying for it and what are they getting in return? Sharyl Attkisson: Where did the $25,000 to start the foundation come from? Rep. Stephen Buyer: You know what? I was asked that question and I don't recall. Attkisson: How can you not know where the $25,000 came from? Buyer: I don't. Serious. I don't recall. In fact, six years after the Frontier Foundation started, it's collected more than $800,000. Yet it hasn't spent a penny on scholarships. It can be difficult to know where Buyer's re-election campaign ends and his Frontier Foundation begins. His campaign and Foundation shared office space. Until August, his campaign manager also ran his Foundation - inviting select donors to golf outings with Buyer at posh resorts. When nobody from the Frontier Foundation returned our calls, we went to the address listed on their tax forms in Monticello, Indiana and found an empty office."
- Can a Donation Buy Legislation? (view on Google Sidewiki)

5 men charged with sex crimes against children

How many times does this have to happen before we learn to protect children. The first step is too have regular exams of minors (including mental). In addition, we must require children be accounted for. Each child must be accounted for in our society. There must be a mechanism for requiring every adult provide proof of everyone under their roof. For example, a landlord must verify that a child is in fact related to the occupant. Additionally, police should require proof that a minor not in school has a good reason for not being in school. Schools should also help in accounting for every child in the school; especially after they stop attending.

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"Five members of a family are charged in Missouri with sex crimes against children, including allegations of bestiality and forcing an 11-year-old to have an abortion.The five men arrested Tuesday are charged with several felonies, including forcible sodomy, rape with a child less than 12 years old and use of a child in a sexual performance.A probable cause statement in the case says a child was forced to have sex with a dog and another had an abortion at age 11.That victim came to the authorities in mid-August, telling investigators she had suppressed memories of the abuse. The probable cause statement says other children corroborated the claims of abuse by all five men.The statement says victims were forced to take part in fake marriage ceremonies with several of their relatives."
- The Associated Press: 5 men charged with sex crimes against children (view on Google Sidewiki)

Jon Stewart Catches Sean Hannity Using Beck Protest Video

The right got caught in another fraud. This kind of deceit is pathological. They think we are all morons. Are we? How is that the teabaggers/FOX/Limbaugh/Republicans keep getting away with this kind deception? Why did it take Jon Stewart to expose? Where is the rest of the media?

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"Jon Stewart and his Daily Show crew happened to notice something a little strange about video Fox News' Sean Hannity used to illustrate an interview with Rep. Michele Bachmann about last week's Capitol Hill health-care protest by conservatives. As Stewart points out, some of the video Hannity used appears not to have been recorded at last week's event but in September when a far larger crowd of Tea Partiers converged on the nation's capital. Interesting..."
- Jon Stewart Catches Sean Hannity Using Beck Protest Video - The Two-Way - Breaking News, Analysis Blog : NPR (view on Google Sidewiki)

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Charles Gibson: ‘I Worry About the Lack of Objectivity’ in News Business

Some candid thoughts from a member of the mainstream media. He's right. What's going in the "new business" is not good for America. We need variety of perspectives in news. But, what we have is less. All the result of media concentration. A smaller number of corporations have greater control over what we read and see. The exception being the Internet (blogs, internet, etc.)

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"World News anchor Charles Gibson admitted on Tuesday, "I worry about the lack of objectivity and the future of the news business." According to the Boston Herald, the ABC host spoke before the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce and said of Fox News and MSNBC: "I don’t like the fact that they’re delivering news based on the conviction of its viewers." He also derided some viewers who "watch news that plays to their own prejudices." With no sense of irony, Gibson attacked Republicans for being obstructionist on health care: "It’s not being very productive to have an opposition party that simply says, ‘We are going to fight the president no matter what on health-care reform. We are not going to give you a single vote and we are going to march in lock step against you." He added that this is "not good for the country.""
- ABC’s Charles Gibson Admits: ‘I Worry About the Lack of Objectivity’ in News Business | (view on Google Sidewiki)

Kimberly Munley: Heroine of Fort Hood

She should get the Medal of Honor. Start writing your Congressperson.

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"The first picture has been published of Kimberly Munley since she shot the gunman blamed for the Fort Hood killings.The civilian police officer was wounded in the exchange of fire with Major Nidal Malik Hasan. She is shown in the picture with the US defence secretary, Robert Gates.Munley is credited with stopping the shooting rampage that killed 13 people at the Texas base. She is to appear in an exclusive interview on the Oprah Winfrey show today, according to the show's website.The 34-year-old lost a lot of blood after one shot hit an artery in her left leg, doctors have said. She was taken into surgery within minutes of arriving at Metroplex Adventist hospital in Killeen."
- Blaze of publicity for Kimberly Munley, police heroine of Fort Hood | World news | (view on Google Sidewiki)

Term Limits Discussed on Dylan Ratigan

A brief discussion on term limits for the Congress on Morning Meeting with Dylan Ratigan. Two panelists debated the merits. The question arose on the issue of revolving door and lack of expertise. Term limits is not a panacea. You have to have term limits along with getting rid of lobbyists. No one debates whether limits were a good thing with the Presidency. Lack of term limits is one of the main reasons we have a corrupt and ineffectual Congress.

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Report: Blackwater OK'd $1M plan to pay off Iraqis

This is a major scandal that requires a major and public investigation into Blackwater. And we need to learn the previous administrations involvement with this organization.

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"Former top executives at Blackwater Worldwide say the U.S. security contractor sent about $1 million to its Iraq office with the intention of paying off officials in the country who were angry about the fatal shootings of 17 civilians by Blackwater employees, The New York Times reported Tuesday. Four former executives described the plan under the condition of anonymity, the newspaper said. Iraqis had long complained about ground operations by the North Carolina-based company, now known as Xe Corp. Then the shooting by Blackwater guards in Baghdad's Nisoor Square in September 2007 left 17 civilians dead, further strained relations between Baghdad and Washington and led U.S. prosecutors to bring charges against the Blackwater contractors involved. The State Department has since turned to DynCorp and another private security firm, Triple Canopy, to handle diplomatic protective services in the country. But Xe continues to provide security for diplomats in other nations, most notably in Afghanistan. The former executives told the Times that the payments were approved by the company's then-president, Gary Jackson. They did not know if he came up with the idea."
- Report: Blackwater OK'd $1M plan to pay off Iraqis - (view on Google Sidewiki)