Saturday, April 28, 2012

Radio Personality Tells Father To Get A Man To Rape His Daughter Until She Turns Straight


A radio personality in Cleveland is facing tremendous backlash after telling a father that he should get one of his male friends to rape his daughter to force her to turn straight.

In response to an email from a father who suspected his daughter was gay after discovering her kissing another girl, DJ Dominic Deiter declared on the air that “You should get one of your friends to screw your daughter straight.”

Tear gas, water cannon fired at reform protesters in Malaysia

The people are rising up everywhere:

Riot police fired tear gas and water cannon on Saturday at a crowd of up to 25,000 protesters who had converged on the center of the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur to demand changes to an electoral system.

Demonstrators also battled with police at a train station nearby, throwing bottles at officers who responded by firing tear gas rounds.

Thousands who had been confronting police outside the city's historic Merdeka Square were scattered after riot police fired water cannon and then at least 10 rounds of tear gas into the crowd. The police said they had been forced to react after protesters tried to force their way through barriers and enter the square.

The violence could carry political risks for Prime Minister Najib Razak if it is seen as unjustified, possibly forcing him to delay elections that must be called by next March but which could be held as early as June. Najib's approval rating tumbled after July last year when police were accused of a heavy handed response to the last major electoral reform rally by the Bersih (Clean) group.
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Talk of a Third Party 2012 Candidacy Grows

The American people are beginning to realize that the two-party system dragging us ruin. Either we turn to an alternative with answers or remain with same gang that does not serve the American people. Our democracy and nation is dying. It's time we took action to save our republic:

Talk of a late third party presidential candidate keeps popping up among D.C. political pros who look at reams of polling data and other evidence and see an electorate anxious to cast a pox on both political houses in the form of an independent presidential bid.

The public is “sending a message,” veteran Democratic pollster Peter Hart said Thursday morning at a National Journal/United Technologies policy breakfast, “and they’re sending it as loudly and clearly as possible. And the message is: ‘We hate you.’”

[...]That opens the doors for an independent, Hart and others agreed. “The environment [is] very ripe for independent candidates,” said veteran Democratic strategist Jamal Simmons. “Somebody has to be the ‘eat your vegetables’ candidate, and I don’t see Republicans or Democrats doing that.”

Hart likened the political mood in the country to 1948, 1968, and 1992—all years with strong independent presidential bids. “It is ripe for an independent candidate,” he said. “If there’s an independent candidate in this race, it will make a huge difference.” He argued that an independent would draw from the kind of voters who looked to Ross Perot and to Ron Paul—“it’ll come from the West, it’ll come from the rural areas, etc.”
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Gunmen Attack Syrian Army from Boats

Hopefully the West is army the rebels by way of Turkey and other means. If they are it's not enough. We know that the Russians are arming the Assad regime. The UN intervention is a complete joke and allows the Syrian government to get an advantage. The removal of Assad, and his minions, should be a major foreign policy of this country. The White House can't be trusted to do the right thing. That's why the World must speak out:

Gunmen in inflatable dinghies have attacked a military unit on Syria's Mediterranean coast, state media say, in the first seaborne assault of a 13-month-old uprising.

The official SANA news agency said several gunmen and soldiers were killed in a firefight that followed the coastal attack near the northern port of Latakia, 35 km south of the Turkish border.

"The fighting ... resulted in the death and wounding of a number of military personnel while the number of those killed from the terrorist group was not known because they attacked the military unit at night," SANA said.

It did not state the nationality of the attackers.

The Syrian government of president Bashar al-Assad has accused Turkey of allowing weapons and funds to flow to insurgents throughout the uprising.

Fugitive Chinese activist 'under US protection'

This could turn into a major international dispute. The Chinese are not going to tolerate any interference in "domestic matters." Will the administration cave? Most likely. This White House like the previous don't give a damn about human rights in China:

  A leading Chinese activist who escaped from house arrest last weekend is now under US "protection" and Washington and Beijing are in talks over his status, an overseas rights group said Saturday.

Chen Guangcheng, who has been blind since childhood, fled last Sunday with the help of his supporters from under the noses of dozens of guards, and subsequently recorded a video alleging abuses against him and his family.

China Aid, a group run by the former Tiananmen Square democracy activist Bob Fu, said it had learned from a "source close to the Chen Guangcheng situation" that the activist was now "under US protection".

"High-level talks are currently under way between US and Chinese officials regarding Chen's status," said the statement, which also called on the United States to ensure the safety of the activist and his family.
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Ex-Israeli spy boss attacks Netanyahu and Barak over Iran

It is clear that there is an effort to start a war with Iran. And it's apparent there is more debate in Israel than in the U.S. Unfortunately no one is asking whether Obama will carry out such an attack if he is re-elected. Think that is far-fetched? So far this President has shown a willingness to act like another George Bush in many respects. Just as when he was elected in 2008, the President will be under pressure to appease the pro-Israel lobby, who want war. After coming into office Barack Obama broke just about every promise he made to the American people and did the bidding of the big business donors who financed his campaign:

"My major problem is that I have no faith in the current leadership, which must lead us in an event on the scale of war with Iran or a regional war," he said.

"I don't believe in either the prime minister or the defence minister. I don't believe in a leadership that makes decisions based on messianic feelings. Believe me, I have observed them from up close ... They are not people who I, on a personal level, trust to lead Israel to an event on that scale and carry it off.

"They are misleading the public on the Iran issue. They tell the public that if Israel acts, Iran won't have a nuclear bomb. This is misleading. Actually, many experts say that an Israeli attack would accelerate the Iranian nuclear race."
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