Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wash. Times: Once Secret Memos Question Clinton's Honesty

Hillary can't run away from her corrupt past:

A decade before Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton admitted fudging the truth during the presidential campaign, federal prosecutors quietly assembled hundreds of pages of evidence suggesting she concealed information and misled a federal grand jury about her work for a failing Arkansas savings and loan at the heart of the Whitewater probe, according to once-secret documents that detail the internal debates over whether she should have faced criminal charges.

Ordinarily, such files containing grand jury evidence and prosecutors' deliberations are never made public. But the estate of Sam Dash, a lifelong Democrat who served as the ethics adviser to Whitewater Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr, donated his documents from the infamous 1990s investigation to the Library of Congress after his 2004 death, unwittingly injecting into the public domain much of the testimony
and evidence gathered against Mrs. Clinton from former law partners, White House aides and other witnesses.

[...]A June 1998 draft indictment of Mrs. Clinton's Rose firm partner Webster L. Hubbell, who followed the Clintons to Washington in 1993 as associate attorney general, said Mrs. Clinton did legal work for Madison "continuously" from April 1985 to July 1986. It also said she represented the thrift before the Arkansas Securities Department for approval to issue preferred stock, helped Madison obtain a questionable broker-dealer license to sell the stock and was actively involved in a failed Madison project known as Castle Grande.

Sore Loser

There is no justification for Hillary Clinton to stay in the race. Therefore, either she is out to hurt Obama so he loses in November and she run again in 2012 or she wants to get herself put on the ticket as VP. Either way its very typically Clinton to do that which is harmful to the Democratic Party. I hope now people will realize that Bill and Hillary are con artists who are out for themselves.

Since those two have appeared on the national scene the Democratic Party has lost control of Congress and lost the Presidency to a Fascist administration. If Barack Obama does give in to the Clinton threat to fight to the convention and puts her on the ticket, he would be making a terrible mistake. Bill and Hillary are poison and would cost him the general election.