Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Andrew Wilkes: OccupytheDream: Why We Must Organize

Great ideas as long as they are not used by Democratic Party for political purposes. The greatest obstacle to building a movement has been the continued naive belief that Barack Obama is going to accomplish all this on his own. Presumably he'll do it in his second term since he hasn't done a damn thing in his first. We'll begin to solve our problems the day we begin to recognize Obama is just politician out for himself:

At this inflection point within American political culture, the people-powered organizing of Occupy Wall Street and related efforts may represent the best chance of making living-wage jobs possible, housing affordable and decent education accessible. Last Thursday, a coalition of Christian clergy joined the effort. Reverends Jamal Bryant and Ben Chavis, along with the Progressive National Baptist Convention, unveiled the #OccupytheDream campaign at the National Press Club. Their aims are straightforward: $100 billion for community investment from Wall Street banks; a moratorium on new foreclosures; and substantially increased investment in Pell Grants. Starting on Martin Luther King day -- Jan. 16, 2012 -- they plan to galvanize faith communities through coordinated actions at regional Federal Reserve Banks. The actions involve bringing crutches, casts and prosthetic devices to the banks, symbolizing how the excess of the financial sector is crippling the fragile recovery of our economy.
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