Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Americans Elect: Obama's Third-Party Tar Pit

We need an alternative to the failed two-party system. Unless have choice this country is headed for ruin. Let's debate who that alternative is. But whatever we do let's not waste our votes our same failed choices:

The real action that may well decide our next president is quietly going on elsewhere, in the state offices that qualify candidates and parties for the November 2012 presidential ballot.  You may not have heard much about a shadowy group called "Americans Elect" (it does not disclose its contributors because of alleged concerns that they might suffer loss of business or social contacts, and because it fancifully but only occasionally declares itself to be a 501[c] [4] tax-exempt organization [though it has qualified as a political party for ballot position in multiple states including Ohio, California, Nevada, and Arizona, which should deprive it of tax-exempt status]).  But if you haven't heard of Americans Elect, you soon will.
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