Friday, January 20, 2012

Fact Checking The South Carolina GOP Debate

Watch the video or read the transcript from last night's debate.

USA Today Fact Checks the debate:

  • Gingrich, slamming Jimmy Carter, said "unemployment went to 10.8%." It did — nearly two years after Ronald Reagan took office. But it never exceeded 7.8% under Carter.
  • Gingrich claimed that "none" of the ideas on the website of his Center for Health Transformation resemble Obama's program. Actually, we found a call there for an individual mandate, which Gingrich himself repeated as recently as last May.
  • Santorum wrong on "government-run" health care: Santorum called the law "a government-run health care system." That's not true. Like the federal law signed by Obama, the Massachusetts law doesn't create a system in which the government is the insurer, or provider of health care. Instead, both laws mandated that all residents have insurance, expanding business for private carriers. They also offered subsidies to help lower-income residents buy private insurance, and they expanded Medicaid.
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