Monday, January 16, 2012

Hackers Attack Israeli Stock Exchange In Escalating Mideast Cyber-Throwdown

Cyberterror is the next 9-11 waiting to happen. And the U.S. government is not preparing us. Not even the militarily prepared Israelis can stop it. There is already cyberwar going on. And if something isn't done we'll be hit just as we were at Pearl Harbor or on 9-11:

The websites of Israel's stock exchange and national airline were hit by hack attacks today after weekend threats from the pro-Palestinian hacker 0xOmar. It's the latest volley in the escalating hacker-on-hacker pissing-match currently drenching the Middle East in leaked credit card information.

Today's attacks weren't very impressive; they briefly took down the websites of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and El Al Airlines, but didn't impact service in either cases. Still, they've captured headlines because of their place in the ongoing 'cyberwar' being waged between two groups of teen hackers on either side of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

This all started started in early January, when a hacker claiming to be a 19-year-old Saudi going by the name 0xOmar leaked about 15,000 Israeli credit cards and claimed to have a million more. Besides his burning hatred of Israel, he seemed like a pretty normal teenage geek in our chat with him, with a penchant for Xbox and web design.
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