Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Obama and NeoConservatives Turn 'Innocent Until Proven Guilty' On Its Head

If re-elect Obama it is clear that there will continue to be an erosion in our rights. So what was the point of elected Obama if continue the Bush gang's attack on American freedoms? What makes it so bad is that the left that supported Obama in 2008 are willing to give him a pass in 2012 despite his betrayal of their trust:

...very little ink has spilled regarding the Administration’s newly codified authority to suspend certain liberties enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

Defense is one of the few legitimate federal functions. The military may be government’s most effective endeavor. Nonetheless, we do not want our streets subject to martial law; one of the “long train of abuses” precipitating our Declaration of Independence.

Under the National Defense Authorization Act, the military may incarcerate U.S. citizens indefinitely without formal charges. Should the Justice Department declare you a terrorist, or simply associate you with terrorists, your rights may be abridged. Instead of innocent until proven guilty, citizens deemed guilty will be unable to prove innocence.

Despite Obama’s veto threats and publicly prattling about “reservations,” Senator Carl Levin (D, MI) claims the administration privately pushed for the enactment of several of the most frightening provisions embedded in this legislation. Apparently the White House specifically sought that American citizens, even those detained domestically, can at government’s discretion, be indefinitely incarcerated without recourse to a speedy trial.

American citizens can now be treated in the same manner as foreign combatants captured overseas.
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