Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gallup Poll: 50% of Americans Support Gay Marriage

This explains why Obama is flip-flopping on the issue. This President won't take a principled position unless it helps his chances for re-election. He is the consummate politician: leadership by following the polls.

Reporter, Jessica Yellen, said that the President had made the "convoluted" decision to not support gay marriage because the issue is unpopular among African-Americans and other groups. He is making assurances that once he got elected he would come out for gay marriage. This explains Biden's recent ambiguous comments on the topic. They are playing with their gay supporters. And many of them are not having it. Pro-gay marriage groups are threatening to withhold campaign donations to the President.

Obama has done nothing but betray his supporters since moving to the White House. The duplicity on gay marriage is typical of Barack. How many times does he have to lie to us before we wise up. He's a typical politician. Don't believe him anymore.

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