Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Occupy Wall St. activists in N.Y. join May Day protest

The press essentially missed the real story of the May Day rallies. They instead focused on a few trouble makers. The press is all about sensationalism. The coming together of thousands to protest injustice in America is of little concern. That is why we must depend on the people's media. So keep tweeting, blogging, video recording, photographing. The people we be victorious in the end.

This article is an example. They took the exception and made it the rule:

In the birthplace of last year's nationwide Occupy movement, the campaign that had seemed to drop from sight after being evicted from its New York City encampment surged back into the public eye Tuesday with a series of May Day protests, the largest drawing thousands of people to Union Square in Lower Manhattan.

There were no immediate signs of clashes, but tensions were apparent as the afternoon wore on and police erected metal barricades around most of the sprawling square to hem in protesters. Local media reports said 30 people had been arrested, mostly for disorderly conduct.

About 5:30 p.m. EDT protesters began marching down Broadway, headed by a man carrying a large American flag hanging upside down. Crowds waving posters bearing pictures of Che Guevara and banners of labor unions taking part in the march moved slowly down Broadway, which police had closed to traffic at the height of rush hour.

"The workers united will never be defeated," chanted one group walking with a large banner that read: "Smash the 1 percent with communist revolution." 

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