Monday, May 7, 2012

Transcript: 'Occupy Wall Street' organizer slings insults during heated debate on 'Hannity'

Yeah, baby. Hannity got back a little of his own medicine:

HANNITY: So anarchy is not easy and more radical alternatives are being explored. Well, from the look of these new pictures from May Day, well, they seem to be pretty radical alternatives to me.
Now the protest quickly turned into a violent and dangerous scene of smashing store windows, attacking police, defacing bank and store fronts.
Joining me now to explain what the motives of this group really are, "Occupy Wall Street" organizer, Harrison Schultz. Thanks for being here.
SCHULTZ: Thanks for having me, Sean.
HANNITY: Appreciate it.
SCHULTZ: Let me start by saying, thank you for letting a dirty hippie come in and explain his views --
HANNITY: You're dirty? You don't take a shower?
SCHULTZ: Well, no, this is the way your news network is portraying us.
HANNITY: Did I ever say you are dirty or a hippie? Did I say any of that?
SCHULTZ: Yes, in August. You were making fun of my friends.
HANNITY: You mean the ones having sex in public, doing drugs and defecating on cars and those who are in other cities that were actually being violent breaking store windows, cursing out police and all of that? You mean those guys, those guys? Because I have tapes of all of that.
SCHULTZ: No, no, no. Those were the people that the NYPD was sending to the park to discredit us and make us look bad. And actually give your network something to focus on.
HANNITY: So you are in Zuccotti Park.
SCHULTZ: I stopped hanging out right around the NYPD --
HANNITY: Zuccotti Park, "yes" or "no." Were you at Zuccotti Park?
HANNITY: Why did they have set up a special, protective rape-free zone tent because of the rapes that took place in Zuccotti Park.
SCHULTZ: The NYPD was sending rapists down to the park.
HANNITY: So the NYPD -- do you have any evidence about this?
SCHULTZ: This was in the NY Times, New York Times.
HANNITY: I asked you a question -- the New York Times said that the police sent rapists to rape women down there?
SCHULTZ: They sent alcoholics. They sent offenders. They sent people who were convicted of rapes.
HANNITY: Do you have any evidence to back it up --
SCHULTZ: I can give testimony. I didn't bring my files with me, but you can check this out --
HANNITY: The New York Police Department brought rapists in and as a result women were raped so a special rape protective zone was set up?
SCHULTZ: You got to admit, it was a really cynical, really effective tactic on the part of the authorities. They knew that we wouldn't turn people away because we like to help people, like Christians should -- even though most of us are not Christian.
HANNITY: You sound paranoid.
SCHULTZ: They definitely exploited a lot of our values and turned it against us and sent people that we tried to help --
HANNITY: What about the violence that took place in other cities and the broken store windows and the sex in public and drug use in public and defecating on a police car, was that a police conspiracy too?
SCHULTZ: I don't think there is anything particularly radical --
HANNITY: About taking a on a car?