Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tucson Widow Calls for Gun Control

The problem is the politicians don't care. If one of their own got shot down and didn't take action then they never will. Only by taking on the NRA could we get gun laws that protect the American people:

Mavy Stoddard and her husband, Dory, were independent voters who decided to meet their Democratic Representative, Gabby Giffords, at one of her "Congress On Your Corner" events on a Saturday morning last January 8, 2011.

They were the ninth and tenth people in line when the shooting started. Mavy thought she had heard a firecracker. Then she saw a young man with a gun raised about 20 feet away.

"My eyes lit on the shooter as he was pulling the trigger in a shooting stance," Stoddard recalled in an interview at St. Louis City Hall.
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